moe. March 1 2012 Higher Ground South Burlington, VT


Set 1: Time Ed>Not Coming Down>Where does the Time GO, Rainsong>So Long>Wicked Awesome, Shoot 1st>Timmy Tucker

Set 2: Threw it All Away>Crab Eyes>Happy Hour Heroes>Puebla>Bring You Down, Opium>Hector’s Pillow>32 Things

E: She Sends Me, Nebraska

They had finally made it back to the East coast and we were pumped.  If the CD Release party in January was any indication of how hot moe. is these days, we knew the shows would be on point.  Lately moe. is really, really tight..and they have renewed energy.  They have been touring hard for a long time now,  but surprisingly with no signs of slowing down (yes they just released a cd, but still.)

Yeah, Burlington. far could it be?  VT is close to relatively everything.   A fun little ride up and we’d be in hippyville.  Snow comes in and theres the first warning.  Not good.  We have a packed car and know with a lil help from our friends, we can do this.  The ride starts off OK, but of course when we hit MA, the snow goes to the next level..actually, practically every hour it got worse.  Bad windshield, slipping and sliding, and only an hour into the trip..kinda rough.  Next thing I know we are three hours into this trip and theres no letup on the damn snow.  Intense driving conditions..

Five hours later, we make it.  Looks like a little venue, but the hippies are definitely outside waiting to rage.  I hear bad things about the venue-basically that you cant smoke inside (like I care?), but overall I find it to be pretty good.  Security was not going full force from what I was told.  Get inside..small venue, 600 cap?  maybe a tad larger than Toads..We get in, seven minutes later moe. rips the first cord of Time Ed..Boom!  What great timing and a coolass song to kick things off.

We’re dancin..were smilin..oh yeah, kickin’ Thursday night at Mike Gordon’s venue..and then we go to the next level of not coming down.  Nice..memories of the start of that famous New years starts slow and starts to rev up..feels so good..the anticipation, the slight feel of sweat..they blood warmin up..they sound good.  Set 1 has a nice flow to it and continues thing I know we’re on Timmy Tucker, another new year’s song..and we are all at full energy.  Ragin hard we get a solid Timmy..must have gone moer than 20 minutes, Rob really pullin this one out with some good guitar twings..Al and Chuck bringin out some nice tweaks, Jimmy spicin it up, and Vinny is right on..I mean, hes right on..has been all year.

Second set has a nice starter, similar to first set starter, mellow, for the VT hippies of course (jk), but I do occasionally enjoy a warmup starter into a medium and finally a hard jam.  Classic crab eyes certainly on point into another classic Happy Hour Heroes.  Fourth song, which was the guesser for the night (moe. hosts a contest each night this tour, picks one slot, and you have to guess what the song is, prize is a box of random stuff from moe.).

Puebla!  Couple people picked it from what I see on fbook and will be going home with prizes (Rob’s old toothbrush, Al’s deodorant?)  This is by far one of my favorite new is perfect for a long jam..but has such a cool mellowness to it with some sort of spanish twist that these guys just love.  Whoaaaaa mon just makes you want to sing cant help it.

Boom!  De na na na na na na..there it is..Opium!  Now its definitely a good show.  It has got to be a long time since this was ever played (wheres our stats man).  I really cant recall if Ive ever heard it in person..but it feels so good.  And, of course, not to generalize, but it is a great fit for VT.  Definitely a treat, sweet long jam..with so much joy filling the room.  We end the set with an awezzzome 32 Things and get the body out of da dance!

Encore was good.  She sends me is alright in my opinion, but I was really pumped to hear Nebraska.  This is truly such a beautiful sounding makes you think about the Universe a little, and you just gotta laugh.  Of course you wanna sing along too..and its really a nice way to end the night..with a smile.

Bonus: Free Poster!  Cool print of a moe. ship ready to take off with clever song remnants.  360 made.  I hear its a Higher Ground thing..good peeps.

Rating: 8.0



Tea Leaf Green 2/10/12 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY

Tea Leaf Green

Set One: Soldiers. Dont Curse. One Reason>Warm Up>Cottonwood. Monsters>Doin It Over. Out in the Woods.  Sleep Paralysis. My Star.

Set Two: Germ, Jubilee, Hangin, Fallen Angel, Innocence, Jezebel, Can’t Get High, Taught to be Proud, Two Chairs

E: All Wasted

I had been listening to Tea Leaf for a couple years on the Jam On channel, and had always wanted to see them in person.  They had some really eccentric music and I thoroughly enjoyed their tunes.  Some of their new stuff really turned me like “Easy to be Your Lover” are such awesome groovy beats…I remember just being in my car thinking how good this could be in concert.  I was pretty psyched to have two cheap tickets lined up for a Fri+Sat night in the city.

The Bowery Ballroom has got to be my favorite small venue in the city.  Absolutely incredible.  If your band attracts 500 or less, this is the place to play.  You take some stairs underground to check in..beautiful bar, chairs, couches, and lighting surround you.  Its romantic, fun, cozy..perfect place to chill before a show starts.  (Headcount had a nice setup on a couch with table for instance.)  It also acts as a place to take a break from the music if you so desire…Upstairs is the main venue..solid floor with bar, and two sets of staircases that lead to an upper level equipped with bar and a couple VIP lounges.  What else could you ask for??!

HaHa Tonka started the night off as the opener.  I wasnt too impressed-they just arent my cup of tea.  They sound like any other band.  I was lucky enough to take a break, and pop into Reed the bassist outside!  Very cool, congenial guy.  Very down to earth.  He opened up about some side projects he is recording these days with Al Schnier, Benevento, Russo, and others..wild!  Got my pic with Reed, he rushed down to the venue to change, and next thing you know Tea Leaf is on stage!

They had a nice mellow start, and for the most part Tea Leaf is a pretty mellow and and countryish band.  I felt like the first couple songs were jsut a warmup..and we really got to movin with “One Reason.”  Everyone was warmed up and ready to dance at this point, I had found my spot on the dance floor and I really began to enjoy myself.  Cottonwood was a real treat and smiles were abound as Reed directed the band with some pretty heady bass play.

Reed knows how to bring the jam deeper with this group, and he has certainly been a nice addition.  Simon is all smiles, very talented on the keyboard and jumps around every so often to heat things up.  He has a great voice too and helps make this band waht it is.  Trevor leads the group on lead guitar, and the drummers keep things solid with that consistent drum beat.

The second set fired up with Germ, and got us moving from the start.  Jezebel and Cant Get High were well played..Simon took the band up a notch here, with an ear to ear grin, some dancin and some really talented keyboard playing.  I noticed that the keyboard has a pretty unique sound with this band, and is very unique.  It is an absolute element that is so key to the band’s performance.  Trevor leads the group, but Simon takes the reigns, and Reeds deep bass playing oil this motor up.  What a great band.

The fan favorite had to be one of their most popular tunes “Taught to be Proud.”  Everyone was screaming the lyrics out and it really had us in the mood to jam, sing, dance and enjoy the moment.  Once the Encore of “All Wasted” had come on, it was a little sad.  there were smiles all around but the night had to end…I found a band with a ton of talent and a unique sound..I think their jams could still get a little deeper and they are still moving a couple years, they have potential to be big time!

Rating: 8.0

The Lawn Boys 2/4/12 Sullivan Hall New York, NY

The Lawn  Boys

Set One: Run Like an Antelope>Chalkdust Torture>Bathtub Gin>Possum. Punch You in the Eye. Runaway Jim. Sample in a Jar. My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own. Train Song. Divided Sky.

Set Two: Sand>Tweezer>Roses are Free. Destiny Unbound. Funky Bitch>Tube>2001. Cavern>First Tube>Tweezer Reprise.

Encore: Crosseyed amd Painless>Golgi Apparatus.

A Saturday night in the hear a Phish cover band.  I was pretty pumped.  Sullivan Hall is in a crazy part of town, and a Saturday night didnt help.  The sidewalks were bustling with drunkards, but smiles were all abound.  The traffic was bumper to bumper and I was so grateful when I finally saw a parking garage.  I circled in and got my ticket..just for kicks I asked how much it would be for 5 hours..”$50!” Whoaaaaa..take the ticket back, Im outta here..ridiculous..

We drove around for a half hour and finally found the tightest spot in nyc possibly ever, that my 2007 Camry could fit in.  It took some motioning, and it was about 15 3/4ft from the fire hydrant (15ft rule), but the deal was cleared…finally time to checkout some muzak.

The opener, Pulse Capacitor, was surprisingly good.  They really had good flow, I enjoyed the lead singer’s voice, and they threw in some hard rock, but it wasnt too hard.  There were many fans here for this band, and I could kind of understand why.  Not bad.

On to the main act..four guys with a little free time to jam out some Phish tunes.  Im not sure what their deal is, and if they have to keep their day jobs..but they are quite talented.  I believe they are on of the premiere Phish cover bands in addition to Strange Design and Phix.  (I had never heard of Phix before, and people thought I was crazy.)

Run Like an Antelope was an interesting starter.  It immediately brought me back to that beautiful night in the Garden, 12/29/11, or more appropriately entitled YEMSG. The closer to the first set.  I think this was a good starter as it brought everyone in, gave people time to groove, the smokers to get back in, before any kind of deep jam.  (This tune takes about 6 minutes to warm up.)  After this warmup Chalkdust was just what we needed to get our heartbeat pumpin and our juices flowin.  We all started to ease up and remember this was a Saturday night of fun, and to interpret A Phish cover band is all good in fun, but dont forget to jam!

Hearing Bathtub and Possum do accurately played, in addition to being a couple of my favorite tunes, is what really did it for me.  It didnt just bring back Phish memories, it created something new for attachment to The Lawn Boys themselves.  These guys knew how to play and shall we say..let the music play the band. 🙂

The rest of the first set was par..but Sample in a Jar was a highlight that helped fill smiles throughout the joint.  We all had that part to scream out “Up on Limo’s Bed”, and then smile, smile, smile.  Great start..we were pumped..the second set was for the faithful as some people did clear out around the 1am finish..

Solid start to the second set with “Sand.”  The lyrics are so sweet to this tune, the only thing better is how the beat moves in and out, in and out..kind of like the water coming ashore..back and forth, back and relaxing.  Tweezer brought the energy level up only to give us the fun “Roses are Free.”  Destiny Unbound was the perfect opportunity to smoke a black n mild only to come back into a sweeeeet Funky Bitch..I enjoyed Tube and it was so damn late that I had to depart on 2001..I know, such a sweet groove to depart on, but the jam man was done.

Rating: 8.0 Awesomness Guys 🙂

Tea Leaf Green Feb 11, 2012 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg, NY

Tea Leaf Green

After Friday night’s show at the Bowery Ballroom, TLG was bringing the heat down to Brooklyn for their second NYC area performance. Ha Ha Tonka accompanied the band for both shows, and their whole tour actually, recieving a great opportunity to reach out and expand their fanbase. Though there was not to much from their rockabilly styings that swayed me too much, they did have me intrigued when they took on Zeppelin’s “Gallows Pole” a cappella. I was too heavily anticipating TLG’s set to focus though. I had gotten word from a stagehand that the band could only play one set tonight, but that it would be a long one and we would not be disappointed.
I have been seeing these guys play shows since I discovered them in 2007 during their day set at the Vibes, and I have caught almost every area performance since. They have such an evolving sound and strive to push the envelope and take chances as a band. The biggest evolution in their playing has come since bassint Reed Mathis joined the outfit a few years back. Formerly in Jacob Freb Jazz Odyssey, Reed brings a powerful rhythm to the band and really drives their jams. He has an authoritative style of playing that sees him picking the instrument and creating sounds most bassists leave to the guitarists to master. While it may not be uncommon for jambands to have a strong bass player, this guy has gained all sorts of respect from me since I started seeing him play in TLG. The band has also added a second drummer to their touring outfit, Cochrane McMillan. The double dose of drums and the heavy bass have inspired guitarist Josh Clark and keyboardist Trevor Garrod to continuously better their playing to keep up with the rest of their band. Altogether, they form what is in my opinion the most underrated jamband on the scene right now.
They opened up their set with the Bee Gee’s-esque jam “Easy To Be Your Lover,” off their new album Radio Tragedy. This set the tone for what was to be one of the best live performances I have seen them play. A few songs in they went to another favorite “The Garden (Part III)” getting everyone into the show and grooving throughout the Bowl. The lyrics Trevor writes really catch me sometimes, and this track is one example of that. There are only a few jambands that have such prominent lyrics, but Garrod puts alot of soul into his writing and I admire that, from both a fan’s and a writer’s perspective. As the band began into “Bouncin’ Betty,” I took note of the fact that gutarist Josh Clark has been taking the reigns on some of the singing duties for the band, showing of his chops as a lyricist and vocalist. His songs bring a raw edge to the band’s playing and give them an extended diversity of genre blending sound.
              “Devil’s Pay” was a real treat, a rocking jam that brought it all together and showed off the ever growing skills of Josh Clark. The band then brought out guitarist Scott Metzger, who played a show at the Bowl a few days prior to sit in for a few tunes. After talking to Reed on Friday, and him having mentioned they were good friends, I should have seen this coming. Either way the element of surprise created a nice treat for the crowd and myself. First they went through a cover of Bob Dylan’s “The Man In Me,” which I would later learn was a cue to the venue and the song’s presence in The Big Lebowski. The band then led Metzger into an original, one of my favorite TLG songs, “Incandescent Devil.” Metzger seemed to hold his own on stage, having a history with Reed and just overall communicating well with the band. It was a treat to see him and Clark trade solo’s throughout the jam. Another treat would come our way a few songs later as the band would invite another guest out on stage, Peter Levin of the Blind Boys of Alabama and God Street Wine. He sat in on organ going back and forth with Trevor through a take on their own “Dreaming Without Sleeping.” It was nice to see the West Coast troubadours inviting out these New York City mainstays for the night, showing the ties of friendship in the jam scene. After Levin’s departure the band would play another classic of theirs, “Red Ribbons,” which got moving and singing along to Trevor’s vibrant anthem. Then the band would make cue to the Brooklyn scene with the debut of “Hipsta Ninja.” Full of lyrical cliches, the band hit the hipster lifestyle to a tea with this catchy tune. The band would then invite their evening’s guests to the stage for a set closing take on “Panspermic De Evolution.” The jam saw Metzger and Clark trading off as well as Levin and Garrod, creating and explosive jam that reached several climaxes, showing off the whole band and their guests’ talents. Running low on time after the extended set closing jam, Clark quickly rushed the band back to the stage for the lone encore, “Death Cake.” This one, I had never seen live before, but it really rocked the Bowl before sending us on our way. Clark’s energy took the crowd by storm, flailing his body across the stage and throwing the mic stand to the ground. A perfect way to close out a great night of music, these guys are on the road alot, so if you have never seen them, GO! You will not be disappointed.
Brooklyn Bowl; Brooklyn, NY
I:(Extended Set)
Easy To Be Your Lover
5000 Acres
The Garden (Part III)
Bouncing Betty
Cops Took My Weed
Nothing Changes
Oklahoma Home
The Devil’s Pay

The Man In Me (Bob Dylan; w/ Scott Metzger on Guitar)
Incandescent Devil (w/ Scott Metzger on Guitar)
Training A Cloud
Keeping The Faith
Dreaming Without Sleeping (w/ Peter Levin on Organ)
Red Ribbons
Hipsta Ninja (1st time played)
Panspermic De Evolution (w/ Levin & Metzger)
Death Cake

Max Creek 2/3/12 Toads Place New Haven CT


By Lilly Barbour

I arrive at toads place on a friday night with five of my friends and walk into toadsplace and the room had a wild vibe about it. It was already really packed for this newage hipster jam band called the Mclovins, which was a suiting name for the band. They had a really upbeat and brightening sound which I felt meshed well with the sound of the main act.
They have a very balanced rock sound with a little funky bass to it. A very nice Progressive rock/ jam band. It was ironic to see such a nice band play at a small venue. They have done very well with their music career by posting their music on youtube which is what sparked their popularity soon to be on the cover of Rollingstone Magazine. I feel that them playing at such a well known small venue in CT really helped with thier band promotion. Their largest show performed was at the green tent at Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport in 2009 and then the performing at the opening bands for Phish in 2009. I had seen them on Phish tour before that year and at Vibes. Its nice to see how they have musically grown forward in an innovative way to sound to the rock community of people and crazy heads that attend these shows.
Waiting around for the stage to be reset for Max Creek I became anticipant to hear Max Creek because they had been such an influence to bands like Phish. They were really influenced by the sound of the phychadelic rock that had just been touching the toungues of the younger community to bring a newer taste to rock music.Bands responsible for this new sound of
phsycoldelic rock were bands like Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix. Max Creeks birth was in 1972 so their sound is very appropriate for thier time. The songs they played had such a nice vibe to fill the air that it was a happy mellow serene
feeling. This music draws such a diverse but amazing crowd of people, The New England Rock Music Festivals really have a close knit community of artists. I have met some amazing people at these events that have changed my life in one way or another and I have also met people at events such as this that I would have never expected to be an everyday kind of friend that I saw on a day to day basis. I met one of my very good friends at a Shakedown Concert which is a Grateful Dead cover that plays frequently at Toads Place and alot of local bar venues as well. I say that there is a very close knit community of people and a homey vibe because going to frequent shows you see a lot of very familiar faces gathering to appreciate the same thing and letting other artists let thier expressions be heard.We are all artists in one way or another wether it be the art of words or music or visual art even. Alot of people who attend the events have cases of blown glass or jewlery. By the end of the night. I was so pleased with the show and the amazing time I had with my friends while I was there. It was a night full of smiling and laughing and was an eye opening night for me. Meeting people at events like this have inspired me to be ambitious about something i love so much.My love for music and art. its a wonderful combination like peanutbutter and jelly.
Love and Light
Max Creek Set List:
One Set
1. Windows
2. Silver Jack
3. Ophelia
4. You Write The Book
5. Peaceful Warrior >
6. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
7. Emerald Eyes
8. Gypsy Blue >
9. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
10. Down On The Farm >
11. Drums > Bass + Drums > Jam
12. I Know You Rider
13. Talk/Tuning
14. Get Back
15. Back Porch Boogie Blues

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe & Anders Osborne Trio 2/8/12 Webster Hall New York, NY

2/8/12-Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe & Anders Osborne Trio

Performing the Rolling Stones 1971 masterpiece Sticky Fingers sounded like quite a challenge for any band to attempt, but I had confidence heading to Webster Hall Wednesday night. Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe is a solid band with all the musical variety to cover such an album, so if they had the confidence to take the show on tour, I had the confidence it would do justice. I have seen KDTU on a number of occasions at a few different festivals last year, including The Hangout, Summercamp, and All Good, but this was the first time seeing them headline a show. Every time I left the stage where they were performing I was so impressed and only wished they had a longer set time. Tonight I was hoping they would pull out all the stops and I would really get to see this band in their element.

Anders Osborne Trio opened up the show with a 4-song/ 45 minute set that sampled the bands musical horizons. He opened up with “Mind of a Junkie,” which immediately gave off that angst driven rock and roll sound, perhaps influenced by Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s Ragged Glory.  After about third song the band really hit their stride with a hard-hitting take on “Stoned, Drunk & Naked.” What really stood out for me on this track was the slide work Anders displayed throughout the track. The breakdown on this jam really brought it home and the crowd went nuts. He ended his set with a jam that fused a taste of reggae into his alternative edge with “Burnin’ From the Inside.” Having never heard any of his work I was thoroughly impressed with his performance and could not wait to see how he played with Tiny Universe for Sticky Fingers (he was billed as a special guest for their performance of the album). Here is a look at his set:

Anders Osborne Trio

Mind of a Junkie

Got Your Heart

Stoned, Drunk & Naked

Burnin’ From the Inside

When KDTU took the stage I was glad to hear them start into some original material before going straight into the album. The band powered through five tracks that got me really grooving. They have such a beautiful flow amongst themselves that brings their jams from raging funk back to soulful jazz with ease and precision. I was really going when they broke into “Satisfied,” a track I have seen them play a number of times and never disappoints. The funk was bouncing off the walls off my universe when broke down a killer jam on “Three Trials,” which featured spectacular flute soloing by Denson. The energy was flowing through the crowd and on the stage at this point, which in my opinion really defines the experience of a funk show. As they brought out Anders and jumped into the albums opening track, “Brown Sugar,” Karl shouted out “This is a song about inter-racial sex!” As they went through the album, I found myself continually impressed with the performance. Osborne channeled the raw bluesy edge of Keith Richards to a tea and Tiny Universe guitarist DJ Williams tore through blistering solos one after another. Denson’s vocals brought the deepest soul to “Wild Horses” while Anders was spot on to Mick’s pipes for “Bitch.” “Sister Morphine” stands alone though as the musical high point of the night, bringing everything together and giving me a new appreciation for the structural composition of the Rolling Stones early work. The concluding jam on this take saw the band reach musical peaks in deep realms of space that seemed to slow down time. I had to snap back to reality as they went into “Dead Flowers,” which had the whole crowd singing along to this ironically upbeat song about tortured love.  When the band came back out for their encore we once again got down to that funky fusion. Tiny Universe is on the road pretty much year round, if you see they are playing your town check them out! This show was some of the most fun I have had at a concert in months!

Webster Hall; New York, New York

I: Intro Jam>

Look Out

Find It

Apres Ski


Three Trials

Sticky Fingers (with Anders Osborne):

Brown Sugar


Wild Horses

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
You Gotta Move


I Got The Blues

Sister Morphine

Dead Flowers

Moonlight Mile

E: Malgorium

No Ammo

What You Want

Freak’s Ball January 21st 2012 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg, NY

Freaks Ball

I got the email Thursday at 3pm.  Freaks Ball at the Brooklyn Bowl..Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds (I was sold right there), Marco Benevento, Joe Russo, Scott Metzger..and, just announced, Eric Krasno and Warren Haynes.  Sick.  I was so sold.  Zoomed home, bought tics.  Then I texted my buddies change of plans..and then I threw my Umphrey’s Tics up for sale on stubhub.  Done.  I was so psyched.

This was the 12th annual Freak’s ball, and for the first time, was expanded into a two day affair.  Friday’s show was more focused on indie music and Saturday was the jammy nyc musicians.  As I was not there..heres an excerpt from, 1/23/12:  “Like most of their recent shows, the group dotted their setlist with a mix of covers ranging from David Bowie’s “All the Young Dudes” to The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” and Etta James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.” (the latter song was particularly memorable since James passed away earlier in the day). Given the setting, Portugal. the Man played a particularly loose and groovy set; they also invited the members of Morning Teleportation—who are in New York working on an album—out to sit in on keyboards and percussion at various points during their show.”  Definitely a cool start to the weekend, if Umphrey’s wasnt in town, I would have been there.

Saturday night was the heavy hitter’s..esp for the nyc metro area. It kicked off with guitarist Scott Metzger(RANA), drummer Joe Russo of Furthur, Keyboardist Eric Deutsch(Fat Mama, Charlie Hunter) and Hagar Ben-Ari (Dap Kings).  The lineup got things rippin with a boogie style, instrumental set…Neil YOung’s “Dont Let it Bring You Down”, the Dead’s “New Speedway Boogie” and the Beatles “Day Tripper.”

This was just a warmup as things got really hot and heavy for the second set.  The big boys took the stage..Joe Russo returned, with Marco Benevento, bassist Ron Johnson (Warren Hayne’s Band, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe) and guitarist Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds.)  Rising soul singer Alecia Chakour got things rolling with a sexy rendition of the Freak’s Ball song..and then Eddie got the band fuckin’ rippin with a sick New Mastersounds tune.  Eric Krasno joined and kept things going really strong.  He was a huge element and kept the beats strong and tight.

This turned out to be a particularly awesome set..even though so many were greatly awaiting Mr. Haynes to approach the stage…”Becky”, “Mephisto” and “Scratchitti” were all impressive originals, thrown in with some covers such as Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”, The Beatles “Something” and Grant Green’s “Ain’t it Funky Now.”  Love it.  Awesome set.  We danced hard for another hour and were in full jam mode.  What a delight.

Warren Haynes approaches and the fans go wild.  He has a presence here..a strong one.  And, still, so graciously thanked everyone for the invitation, in that humble, but strong way, that he does things.  He said he “hope he qualified for the night.”  But we all found this funny and knew it was not egotistical.  Warren did it like he does, with that deep resonating sound.  We were lucky enough to hear “You Don’t Know Nothing About Love”, “D’Yer Maker”, “Fire on the Mountain” and the late great James’ “I’d Rather Go Blind.”  The finisher was with the whole entire ensemble playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”  A final finish was appropriately done with Shel Silverstein’s “Freaking at the Freaker’s Ball.”  Perfect.  One Helluva night.  A sweet last minute treat for all who attended.

Rating: 8.0

Phish A/C!!!

Atlantic City Council approves four outdoor music festivals for Bader Field, with Phish, Kenny Chesney, Metallica

By EMILY PREVITI Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, January 19, 2012 1:30 am

ATLANTIC CITY — Four multiday music festivals have been approved by City Council for Bader Field this year.

Press of Atlantic City columnist Pinky Kravitz reports in today’s Region section that headliners for the festivals will include Phish, Kenny Chesney and Metallica.

Ken MacDonald, Starr Hill Presents’ director of venue development, however said on Wednesday that “no one on the planet” could confirm headliners at this point.  Doing so now also would not adhere to the company’s marketing and advertising timelines, he said.

MacDonald spoke just before Atlantic City Council voted unanimously to allow Starr Hill to book Bader Field on Sept. 22 and 23, and Sept. 29 and 30.

Council’s approval applied to the contract between the city and promoter for those events and others slated for June 15 to 17 and June 24 and 25. The June weekends had been approved by City Council on Dec. 3.

But two weeks later, council members got a peek at the contract expected to cover all four dates. Some council members objected to cost and box office revenue-sharing formulas proposed by Starr Hill for using the 142-acre former municipal airport, which is still owned by the city.

They also worried that the events might obstruct scheduling other shows at Bader Field during the summer months because the setup and breakdown of stages, vendor tents and other equipment is so extensive.

Starr Hill’s pledge since then to make a donation in an undisclosed amount to an undetermined charity sealed the deal, Councilman Frank Gilliam said.

Gilliam said Wednesday everything else remains unchanged:  Starr Hill will pay the city $80,000 per day: a $30,000 rental fee and $50,000 to cover costs to pay the extra police officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel and other staff needed to handle crowds at the events.

Gilliam’s big issue was with the ticket sales arrangement. He wanted $1 for every ticket sold to concerts at Bader Field during the upcoming summer to go to the city.

The city will instead get $1 for every ticket sold above 20,000, the low end of the estimated actual attendance last year on each day of the Dave Matthews Band Caravan.

Bordered by the bay and the Black Horse Pike in the Chelsea Heights section of the resort, the tract hosted one of four DMB Caravan stops last summer. The event drew more than 72,000 fans and put the venue on the entertainment map.

Combined, the events slated for the four weekends during 2012 are expected to bring $191 million to the local economy, Mayor Lorenzo Langford said during his official State of the City address Wednesday.

He also said the field will host a multicultural festival June 1 to 3, plus its second seafood event in September.

The city also hopes to let music fans camp out this summer — something that was scrapped last year without much consideration because Bader Field doesn’t have adequate access to water for drinking, bathing or bathrooms.

That could change during the coming months, officials said Wednesday.

“We’ll look into any request they want us to, but that’s up to the (deputy police) chief and the mayor,” said Tom Foley, the city’s emergency management coordinator. “There’s talk of putting a water system out there this year. There’s also talk of fireworks. There’s all kinds of things we’re working on because of all the events we want to have there.”

Water main extensions would provide hookups for temporary facilities — not permanent structures, Foley said.

The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority said it could come up with cost estimates for extending water service from the existing main on Albany Avenue once the city and promoter decide where they want the camping area, said MUA Executive Director Neil Goldfine.

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moe. CD Release Party January 23rd, 2012 Hiro Ballroom New York, NY


Before shipping off to the West Coast for an extensive winter tour, moe. made a quick stop in New York City to celebrate the release of What Happened to the LA LA’s? the band’s latest effort from the studio. While all but one of the tracks on the album have been debuted in a live setting by the band over the years, but who could miss an intimate club performance of all the new tracks and some old favorites? The Hiro Ballroom is quite a cool venue, to add, located under the Maritime Hotel on the west side. Not only intimate, but also a well-designed and fun place to see a show. The band hosted an autograph signing and acoustic set for the fans who sprung the extra cash for V.I.P. tickets and then played an extended set for the general admission crowd. The six song acoustic set featured four tracks off “the LA LA’s” as well as a cover of Jack Teagarden’s “Shake Your Hips” and an old favorite “meat.” Another note from the set was guitarist Chuck Garvey performed a solo take on “Suck A Lemon,” one of the tracks he wrote for the album.

Here’s a look at the V.I.P. acoustic set:



One Way Traffic (1st Time Played)

Shake Your Hips (Jack Teagarden)

Suck A Lemon (Chuck Garvey solo)


Shortly after 11, the band returned to a full crowd to perform an electric set. “Downward Facing Dog” kicked it off and having been at the show when they debuted it in 2010, it has been interesting hearing this song progress to its current state. Even more than that though is seeing them incorporate the jams in the new songs to segue into older, classic moe. tunes. The slide guitar work from both Chuck and Al in “Downward Facing Dog” set the track up to flow nicely into “St. Augustine,” which also features Chuck playing the slide. The transition from the first track into the latter sounded so fluent its hard to believe they have not been playing it for years. Another treat that added to the venue’s uniqueness was during “Haze” acrobats were performing above the crowd. While I would imagine they perform at the club on a regular basis, it was undeniably entertaining watching them flow in the air above us in a rhythm to the music.

“Paper Dragon” seemed the most appropriate song to play at this venue, which has such an oriental feel to it. During the track the dragon head statue above the stage even had smoke erupting from its mouth. The set closing run from “the LA LA’s” track “Puebla” into the moe. classic “Moth” was another demonstration like the opening segue fore mentioned. “Puebla” is undoubtedly my favorite track from the new album. The jam in this track creeps up on you ever so slightly, and builds from a deep space to a shredding face melter and back beautifully. It has also become a strong jam vehicle for the band and will no doubt be both a band and fan favorite in the rotation for years to come. The encore showed off percussionist Jim Loughlin’s skills on the xylophone in a jam that led from “Chromatic Nightmare,” -Jim’s dark, circus-esque instrumental contribution to “the LA LA’s”– into yet another favorite, “Rebubula.” Like the slide guitar transitioned “DFD” and “St. Augustine” earlier in the evening, the band utilized the prominence of the xylophone’s to transition these two tracks. Seeing these songs progress at shows in the future will be especially memorable since witnessing their humble beginnings and I cannot wait for the spring run on the East Coast! Hopefully the Hiro Ballroom will get some more act to play there too, definitely check it out if you get a chance!

G.A. Set: Hiro Ballroom; New York, NY

I: Downward Facing Dog>

St. Augustine



Paper Dragon



E: Chromatic Nightmare>


The Zen Tricksters January 22nd, 2012 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg, NY

The Zen Tricksters

Set 1:
Greatest Story
Row Jimmy
Down The Road
^Orange Sunshine
Call Of the Wild> Jam>
Scarlet Begonias> Jam>
Stella Blue>
Samson & Delilah

Set 2:
Mission In The Rain
All Night Long Blues
Pride Of Cucamonga
Shine Your Light
Lay Your Love> Jam>
Not Fade Away

Good Shepherd

^ w/Jaik Miller

Another night at the Bowl.  It would be hard to outdo Saturday Night’s Freak’s Ball, with some of the who’s who in the Jam Band Scene..but, we were looking forward to a solid Grateful Dead Cover Band nonetheless.  Its not easy to see the Tricksters much these days, with Jeff and Rob playing a couple hundred shows a year with DSO, it just doesnt leave much time to see this band.  I was glad to see this unique group, and get down..

We got there around 9pm to see the end of the Giants came.  The 4th quarter was just beginning and the bowl was heating up.  It went on and on, and with a couple minutes left I was worried we might hit OT, and it would be forever before the band went on.  That happened, OT came, and the Giants masterfully put together a drive and field goal to win the NFC championship, and solidify a spot in the SuperBowl, and huge rematch, with the Patriots.   Everybody was going crazy and the Tricksters took the stage

They started with a sweet “Greatest Story” and fed off the energy of the ragin bowl.  They literally started playing four minutes after the game ended, and jelled in perfectly with the chaos.  Half the place was departing, which I was ok the Deadheads knew it was time to dance.  We slowed down a little with Row Jimmy and this was unfortunately a glimpse of how the night would go.  Down the Road was ok..and movin on we finally hit a sweet “Deal.”  They let this one ride..and played it long and hard.  Finally started to feel that Dead beat I was craving..

Scarlet Begonias was good, very good.  It didnt crush it, but it had a nice mellowness to it and really kept us all smiling.  The beats hit right on, so we could move to it and shake our bones right on the ding’s.  Stella Blue put me to sleep, but once Samson and Delilah came on I was able to really shake it out.  Sweet Samson, sweet finish..solid set.

After a quick pic with Baracco (Good Dude), we moved on to the second set.  This one was slow, slow, slow..way too slow.  Come on guys..lots of old people here tonight, but a little disappointing.  It was late on a Sunday night and I was starting to fall asleep.  Im sad to admit I left on “Pride of Cucumonga”, losing faith in the band.  It was a good time to whisk out, as the second set brought out nothing extraordinary.  Overall it was a decent night, but wish they had brought a little more energy with them..

Rating: 7.0