Chadwick Stokes and the Pintos December 1st 2011 Fairfield Theater Company Fairfield CT

Chadwick Stokes and the Pintos

I had lower expectations for this show after seeing State Radio a couple weeks earlier.  This certainly helps..I had high expectations for State Radio..and what a disappointment it was.  The show was local and cheap which made things a tad more delightful..even despite the retarded never ending I95 traffic.

Amy Helm was the opener and I found her boring as hell.  I thought the band was weak and my friends could have played better.  Also was not too psyched to see an older crowd, many in their business casual lil vineyard vine outfits, simply coming out here because it “successfully fit into their social calendar.”  I had to remember, no matter what, music brings people together and not to worry about this kind of crap.

Chad started out with a couple solo songs and sounded good.  I didnt know the music but enjoyed it.  There were some local high school kids which made it more fun.  Fairfield has some kickin’ high school kids..theyre not too crazy..tattooed pierced or drugged out, and have plenty of musical and artsy tastes.  I kind of just accepted that people were sitting in seats, which never really makes sense to me at a concert..thats where I expect to be when Im 90 yrs old, have trouble breathing, and pick up an interest in the Symphony.

Chad brought the Pintos out and they were OK.  I feel like he partly has them join him as a form of community service.  They really arent too great.  Kat, on the bass, was terrible.  She’s gotta go..basically, she was just something pretty to look at.  The guitarist..he had a small guitar-no clue what kind, a musician would know..he had talent and could jam out.  I respected him.  Drummer was halfway decent..and Willy, Chad’s Brother, who supposedly can drink the band under the table (Chad joked around alot) shaked the tambourine..and played the trumpet in a song.  Nice Brother.  On that note, Chad said all ticket sales were going to Zimbabwe shelters for Women..$28 supports them for one month..pretty fuckin awesome.

The Pintos played with Chad and they jammed pretty well.  Chad left the crew and joked between songs.  They jammed a bit, and I enjoyed the guitarist letting it rip on some tunes.  Kat was terrible on the Bass.  The last song they played was “Bang Bang” a Dispatch song..hopefully a lil preview for Dispatch 2012!  Chad invited Elena, a 16yr old drummer, to come up and join the band for this song..she was decent and has a bright future..good for Chad.

Finally, the Encore was probably the best part.  There was more energy in the room after “Bang Bang”-people were dancing and it looked like some ol’ Dispatch faithful were pumped to hear this old tune.  They came back on the stage with upbeat song…then, one of my favorite Stokes’ tunes “Coffee & Wine”..really enjoyed it.  They ended with I believe a Dispatch tune, but dont know the song.  Sorry folks, its so hard to find setlists these days..someone please create a good setlist site!

Overall, a good lil night..

Rating: 7.5


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