Cosmic DustBunnies 11/11/11 Stella Blues Bar New Haven, CT

set 1
Goomba’s Shoe
… Flood The Streets
Electro Cooler
Great Unknown
The Eleven
Happiest Days of Our Lives

set 2
Need You Tonight
Emerald Zone
Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2
What Shall We Do Now
Cruise Control
Metroidome pt. 2
Back To The Future Theme
88 MPH pt. 2
Jay In My Life
Run Like Hell
Days Go By

I just read this..

Cosmic Dust Bunnies are a very unique electronic/jam style band that layer in influences from Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rock, Pop, and everything between. The band hits the stage with a fury and an ultimate goal of getting everybody up and moving. With a desire to never let a show drag, the songs often flow from one to another sometimes encompassing entire sets. With a hefty mix of originals, improvisation and a few covers, Cosmic Dust Bunnies have come back from a 2009 hiatus stronger than ever.

I agree with this entirely (even though I dont know how they played before.)  These guys are very similar to Lotus, and that means you want to dance.  And dance..and dance.  Last night they had the crowd pumped with one of their buddies spinning some techno before the show.  It got the juices flowing in our bodies and the crowd warmed up.  I felt the energy and had some really good vibes with a cool fanbase.   The fans knew these guys, and did not just show up at a bar..they followed them.  They had a movement..I liked that.

I got into this music quickly are some of my notes…funky, cosmic, vibes, energy, jammy, drums are quick and right on beat, technoish…  It definitely had that Lotus feel to it, but a little different.  I was not a big fan of the vocals.  One of the singers was good..but only in one song that sounded like it was straight out of the 80’s..Houston had a good start to it for example, but the vocals really hurt it.

Another Brick in the Wall was awesome and gave us that tad of rage and rebellion we all seek..loved “The Eleven” allusion..right on for 11/11/11..and good to hear some Grateful Dead love too.

The venue was too packed.  Not enough room to whip out some dance moves.  Stella Blues Bar is too narrow and they cant handle a band with more than 50 guests.  Its too bad because I really would have liked to whip some dance moves out, but theyre ready for the next level..Toads Place Booking?  Fairfield Theatre Company?  These are definitely their next venues..its time.

Overall, a good show.  They could have had a quicker set break, vocals can still improve, beats could get a little tighter, but theyre almost there.  I think theyre on the mark for a really strong 2012..Cant wait to see them again!

Rating: 7.0

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