Dark Star Orchestra December 8th The Klein Bridgeport, CT

Dark Star Orchestra

Set One: Cold Rain and Snow; Beat it on Down the Line; Mr. Charlie; Deal; Me and My Uncle; IT hurts me too; Dire Wolf; Black Throated Wind; Chinatown Shuffle; China Cat Sunflower>I Know you Rider; Playing in the Band; You Win Again; Jack Straw; Casey Jones

Set Two: Rockin’ Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu; Mexicali Blues; Black Peter; Truckin>Drums>The Other One>Sing Me Back Home; Sugar Magnolia; Turn on Your Lovelight>The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion)

Encore: One More Saturday Night
Filler: Loose Lucy

I was ready for a grand night in Bridgeport.  A solid band, a short ride, and a fairly cheap ticket.  Could not go wrong.  Decided to arrive around 8:15 for an 8 show, where they would probably go on at 9.  We thought we were in pretty good shape..Boy were we surprised when they were playing along…we walked in on “Beat it On Down the Line..or Mr. Charlie..I cant even remember.) Either way, they sounded really good.  The place was movin’ and it was definitely an older crowd.  It felt so good to see old people dancing..they knew what they were here to do…daaaance!

I got with some friends in the front, Jeff side, and felt right at home.  We were near some classic Deadheads who called the show.London ’72..not bad!  They played a hell of a Black Throated Wind as I was settling in and heard them really belt it out.  Solid Vocals and Bass.  They really knew how to let this one roll.

China Cat into I Know You Rider really had the crowd jumpin and jivin.  This classic combo had us rollin around the venue and it was definitely high energy.  They moved into a Playing in the Band that didnt let anybody down..like the last time I saw them here a few years ago..they went on with the longest possible jam on this tune..Jack Straw was decent..and they really killed Casey Jones to finish the first set off..they certainly had us jonesin’ for more..

Sweet solid smoke break catching up with some old Deadheads had us ready to roll for the second set..I had never heard Rockin Pneumonia’ before..but felt ok with it…Mexicali Blues was fun..Ive never been a huge fan of Black Peter..but really started to finally feel things moving when Truckin’ came along.  The Other One was awesome and it was insanely long jam..we kept waiting to see what they would go into..but they did not..it was just a crazy long tease jam that had us all wondering what the hell was going on and where they were going with it.  Sugar Magnolia was a fun classic tune that had us all going…and Turn On Your Lovelight was probably the highlight of the night…

One more Saturday Night was sung very well and had a lot of Bobby Weir in it..yeah yeah yeah, the vocals were so solid and I loved the ender of Loose Lucy…overall, DSO gave another solid performance..It was quite enjoyable and I am so glad I went.

Rating: 8.5


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