Furthur November 10th 2011 Madison Square Garden New York NY


Set 1: Sugar Magnolia > Scarlet Begonias > Ramble On Rose, Tennessee Jed (1) > Uncle John’s Band (2), Eyes of the World (3) > So Many Roads (2), Box of Rain (2)

Set 2: Shakedown Street (3) > The Other One (3) > Spanish Jam (3) > The Other One (3) > St. Stephen (3) > Unbroken Chain > The Wheel > Days Between > Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (4) > Fire on the Mountain (3) > Sunshine Daydream (3) E: Attics Of My Life (1)

Comment: (1) with Larry Campbell, guitar/vocals, and Teresa Williams, vocals
(2) with Larry Campbell, fiddle
(3) with Larry Campbell, guitar
(4) Rev. Gary Davis cover, first time live, with Teresa Williams

Lineup: Phil Lesh – bass
Bob Weir – guitar & vocals
Jeff Chimenti – keyboards
John Kadlecik – guitar & vocals
Joe Russo – drums
Jeff Pehrson – vocals
Sunshine Becker – vocals

Review:  I feel lucky to have attended this show.  I noticed this Fall Tour is pretty small, and I would be happy to get to one show.  That is why I am so surprised they couldnt sell the Garden out.  There hasnt been a whole lot of Furthur in the NorthEast this year, and they only decided to play one show in nyc.  Its not a Saturday night, but Thursday is a close second.  Ticket prices are half of what they were in 2009 when they were selling out every venue within an hour.  Overall, I was happy.  It just means more true DeadHeads get in, ticket prices stay low, and theres more room to dance.

They brought a couple special guests with them tonight, and it really made the night.  Im not sure who Larry Campbell or Teresa Williams are, but I am so glad they were a part of the experience.  Upon some research, I see Larry played a great deal with Bob Dylan.  He is truly talented and knows what hes doing.  Larry has also played with Elvis Costello, Phil Lesh and Friends, and tours with Levon Helm.  He was the perfect addition..some true deadheads know exactly who he was….But Teresa Williams?  Nobody could figure her out..

I was chatting with a veteran DeadHead next to me.  He was telling me all about the history, and commenting on Garcia/Hunter tunes they played tonight (no easy task).  But this man, and his buddies had no clue who she was.  Research shows…It turns out Teresa is Larry’s wife!  They crossed paths on the musical tour and never looked back.  She joins him on Levon Helm Tour and I believe has joined for some Phil Lesh and Friends too.  I was a fan of her, as she can really belt the tune out!

I love the fact that they started this show so Strong!  I mean Strong Baby.  They wanted to rip from the Start and I wish more artists understood this concept.  The fans have energy and are ready to start rip roar dancing.  Give us something to move to.  Right on Furthur.  Sugar Mags>Scarlet Begonias>Ramble on Rose.  Ill take the trio to start anyday.  We gotta movin’ and cooled down a little on Ramble On.  Lil Sweat, some energy, and a lil cooldown.  Loved it.

Lovvvvved Tennessee Jed..so sick.  It doesnt hurt that its one of my favorite Dead Songs…but I think it hit the mark with Occupy Wall Street..did anyone else notice this?  Maybe I was the only one yelling out 99percenters!…but I think it fits…”Rich man step on my poor head, when you get back you better butter my bread.”  Uncle Johns rocked it and they were tight..this song definitely showed me they were on the mark tonight and played with ferocity..nice transition into a sweet “Eyes” and then a couple mellow songs to finish.  Johhnny got his say in “So Many Roads”..and the slow mamas got their “Box of Rain.”  Excellent first set.

Now time for a little venue review.  Ive always liked the Garden.  How could you not?  Center of the city..all those classic dead shows.  Good setup.  But damn the corporate bastards..redesign includes removing the water fountains..jerks.  Thanks for helping out the 99percenters.  Cant complain about too much else..I love being able to smoke my black n milds in there..its big enough for that..and I felt right at home in section 335..

Second set had a solid start with Shakedown..I thought there could have been some more vocals, besides that it was on.  Other one..spanish jam kept us movin…and St Stephen was probably the highlight of the night.  Unbroken Chain was on the money..but I’ll tell you..

I really thought “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning” was such a sick song!  Props to Teresa Williams..I couldnt hear her so well on Tennesee but she belted this tune out.  Classic Gospel Singer.  So sweet to hear the deep Soprano of a woman’s voice..I could see her singing a raging “Gimme Shelter” and hope she does one day..She should consider a guest appearance with Phish too..watch out for her guys, she has talent..lucky to have seen this debut…

Nice lil finish..nothing spectacular..I felt good movin to Sunshine Daydream..not too keen on Attics.  Enjoyable show, lucky to be there.  Larry and Teresa really did make this night..

Rating: 7.5


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