Lotus October 20 2011 Toads Place New Haven, CT


This show absolutely kicked ass!  I have a new respect for Lotus.  They really impressed me, and once again the crowd was awesome.  The fans are young, but they are fun..and there was even some 70 yr old dude dancin’ with his girl, so the fanbase does have a little diversity to it.

It has taken me some time to get into electronic jam bands, like STS9, but the more I listen, the more I get into it.  This music definitely has a great dancing theme to it, which makes it funnnn.  I love the song they started with, which had its public debut, just a few weeks earlier at Terminal 5 in nyc (Golden Ghost).  Great name right!  Id call it the train song..Imagine a band who covered this song>Phish’s “Back on the Train.”  Kinda weird funky groovy fun.

Besides that, the first set was a tad slow,  but they sure whipped out a sick beat to finish the first set off!  I definitely had some sweat on my face as I walked out to the cool air, to enjoy the sweet sensation of a black and mild, and chill with the folk to discuss the first set.

But, you could tell there was more to come.  They absolutely killed it in the second set.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt good dancing all night.  Every song had you movin’.  It was great to hear another debut too (Nonstop in SF).The Encore was out of this world and I am now cravin’ a bit more Lotus in my life.

Rating: 8.0


Set 1: Golden Ghost, Livingston Storm, Molluskunk, NonStop in SF (debut), Sift, Bubonic Tonic>Hammerstrike

Set 2: Lead Pipe>Tip of the Tongue, What Did I do Wrong?, Plant Your Root>Harps, Blender, Wax

E: Invincibility of Youth, Intro to a Cell


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