moe. November 26 2011 Terminal 5 New York, NY


I: Paper Dragon >(nh) Wind It Up >(nh) Captain America, Blue Eyed Son@, Big World > Ricky Marten > The Bones Of Lazarus

{10:02 PM > 11:38 PM EST}

II: Blue Jeans Pizza > Puebla > Brent Black, Not Coming Down > Wormwood > Rebubula > Where Does The Time Go? > Rebubula

Enc: Together At Christmas#, She Sends Me

{@ w/ al on mandolin
# LTP > 12/12/09}

Well, I was definitely ready to see a big band.  If you consider moe. big.  It had been quite some time since I had seen a solid one.  Yes, Furthur was good..but they are a tad slow for me.  Cosmic Dustbunnies, Twiddle..Robert Randolph..Kimock..they were ok, but just barely worth the trip.  Now it was time for a truly awesome jamband and solid fanbase.

Terminal 5 is a love-hate relationship.  Its the city, but not the jappy fans here.  The moe. kids looked cool outside and I was happy to see the following.  The patdown was strict, but it just made me feel more free once I got inside.  The air was fresh in Terminal 5 wasnt packed at all.  I liked that.  Quick black n mild on the rooftop and good catchup with showbuddies.  The vibes were definitely good tonight.  (Im still amazed moe. cant sell this place out..A Saturday night in nyc..a killer band, great fanbase..almost 25 yrs of jams..upstate ny love.  I dont get it..but Im certainly not going to complain.  The last thing I need is another Phish where tickets are exorbitant, venues are too big and you have to play the damn lottery..die scalper.)

The advice was to go to Chuck thats where we started.  It wasnt too packed, but a little tight.  People were itching to dance.  Lots of young people..but the middle aged were out too.  The vibe was mellow.  We were ready to go..

Awesome Paper Dragon to start!  This is a damn good new song they have created.  Good energy!  Good flows into the beat.  I could tell right away and loved it.  Middle of the road opener..not slow, not fast.  Good way to get us in the mood…I hadnt heard Wind it up before..but the fan fave and commercialized Captain America! was easy to follow.  Energy baby.  That just felt good and had us really going.

Never heard Blue Eyed Son sounded very country.  Good tune, a little slow though.  A little break after the crazy Captain.  Big World was a hard awesome jam and the lights were really killer on this tune.  They had us blinded and I liked it.  Finally, Lazarus to finish off the set was really out of this world.  It kept going and going and we could not get enough.  Four Star performance.  the first set flew by and it was very enjoyable.

Blue Jeans Pizza was a great way to open the second set…I was surprised I didnt even know they were playing this song…but it was a good mellow start.  It eased us into some nice jams and got people moving.  Blue Jeans into Puebla was fuckin’ awesome.  I have not heard a better Puebla in my life.  This one rocked hard and rocked on for a long time.  When it went into Brent Black we were in trouble, this must have been 55 straight minutes of jamming..We were worn out and it felt really good.

Not coming down rocked hard.  Its definitely a festival makes me think of forests..or dark fields with heavy footprints.  The excitement of the song gets you going even though the beats dont really drop too hard or have to much transition to them, overall Rob sung this song really well.

Wormwood was fun and then Rebubula was one of the highlights of the show…They played with us “Where does the time go?” back to Rebubula.  Awesome ending.  Felt really good and I wanted so much more.  Seeing them leave the stage was too bad..I could have easily gone for another set.  Overall, the Encore was kind of lame, but the night was so damn good it didnt matter..

Rating: 8.5


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