Turbine November 19 2011 Stella Blues Bar New Haven CT

Turbine (turbinemusic.com)


Roll On=>Don’t Take Money From Strangers, No Explanation=> Big Sur=> Columbus Day, Members Only=> Rockit, Power Of Soul, Eddy the Sea, Stand Down

I had been doing a little research and was searching for a new band.  A Saturday night in New Haven was a pretty legitimate choice.  A band came up called Turbine, so I gave them a little listen.  They seemed to have a good jam to them, and they had been around a few years.  They were working on promoting their third album and had some really good reviews.  I thought it was worth the trip and the review…

I couldnt really tell if these guys had a following-the regular crowd plus jammers were there…but I think most of them were there for Goosepimp Orchestra..regardless, it had the jam crew vibe.  I walked in on the first song and was happy with that I heard.  I actually thought they were the opening band at first, and was surprised by what a good opening act there was…when I found out it was Turbine, it made sense…(and I was glad, did not want a long night after New Mastersounds)!

Overall these guys were pretty damn good.  They had fun jamming and the lead singer had a great voice.  They had a touch of country to their music and knew how to rock it.  I especially liked how bassist Justin Kimmell played with the harmonica..such a fun funky wild beat he had with it.  It made you want to dance and smile.

Here is a bit of their bio from turbinemusic.com:

The overarching sonic identity of this New York City-based quartet was forged over the last five years, starting when it was a tenacious duo comprised of guitarist / singer and primary songwriter Jeremy Hilliard and harmonicist / rhythm guitarist / singer-songwriter Ryan Rightmire. As a duo, Turbine started to experiment in odd time signatures and unorthodox compositional structures as they crafted songs that were both accessible and upbeat, despite their remarkable complexity and musical sophistication. After a few years of this, they realized they needed a rhythm section, brought on bassist Justin Kimmel and drummer Octavio Salman, and debuted the new band on a national tour at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, 10,000 Lakes Festival, Wakarusa and Gathering Of The Vibes. They then returned to the northeast to resume the arduous process of building their regional fan base as a full band.

I am glad I got to see them.  They seem like they are going to the next level and should be opening for some pretty big bands.  They are a great fit for festivals and need a spot at The Vibes..among others.  I give them respect and look forward to seeing them soon.


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