State Radio November 20th 2011 Calvin Theater Northampton, MA

State Radio Part Deux

It was kind of fun driving back to Northampton this time.  No snow on the streets.  No random accident every 2 30mph driving.  Clear skies, beautiful day.  The same crew wasnt there..John came back for more, but Jen had to work.  She was there in memory.  Looking back at construction spots and superslippery spots, I was grateful to have an easy drive this time.  Getting off the exit brought back memories of sliding off it.  Much smooooother onto Route 5.

First and foremost, we had to visit Jessica at Mama Iguanas.  It was only fitting as part of reliving the experience…

The restaurant was dead.  It was a Sunday night, so I guess that was expected.  But the excitement I was hoping for was not there.  I first saw Meghan, who had told of us her international adventures that snowy night…and went up to give her a hug.  She didnt remember who I was..gosh.  I reminded her, she smiled.  She had told us of her adventures in Thailand, and what it was like being a maid.  She had told us of how delighful international men were..and we asked for no more details.

Then Jessica walked in.  She still had the sparkle of the struggling single mom.  She still had her heart flowing out.  And it felt good to give her a hug too.  I gave her the card for my blog and felt her comfort.  She showed me a picture of her cute 2yr old Jordan…and we finished up..

Now on to the Show…

Disappointing.  I dont have too much to review here.  They just dont sound like Dispatch.  The same flow and jam and reggaeton isnt there.  I guess I should have prepared myself a little better.  They are not exactly a jam band either is Dispatch.  But they really sucked tonight.  I couldnt place it….

The theater didnt help.  Old crappy theater..dont give me that Historic line.  Boring if you ask me.  And, you cant smoke balcony..if you leave to smoke, youre done.  No re-entry.  Bullshit.  I wanted my Black n Mild smoothness. Not an option.

Fanbase was weak.  The theater was one-third filled-at best.  One or two hippies.  High school and college kids galore.  Nobody was dancing..well, one female hippy, who was probably trippin’ anyways.  I felt like I was just standing there, looking at a band.  (Thats how people perceive it who dont understand the jam scene by the way.)  No feeling, no connection.  Almost a little heavy metal to them..which I hate.

Chad has talent and the band isnt that bad, but  not my scene.  John and I discussed leaving early.  We said 11, then 10:45…well boy were we surprised when the show, including Encore, was done at 10:30..what a ripoff!  What the hell was going on.  What is this crap?  Done.  Just like that.  Well, thats how I think State Radio should be..Done. Just like that.

DISPATCH…please come back in 2012!!!


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