Soulive Family Ball October 15, 2011 Terminal 5 NYC

Soulive Family Ball
Overall, this was a pretty solid event.  I knew there would be a few bands, but I didnt realize it would be a festival/celebration.  I am not usually a fan of festivals where you have 6 bands playing and only get to see one you actually like (for 45 mins.)  This basically fell into that category, but I did enjoy Lettuce as well.  They were probably even more enjoyable than Soulive.  They had a funkier thing going, and a real energy to them.  I felt the dance moves whip out a little more with them (maybe I was in a better spot on the floor, but they knew how to keep us moving.)

This was my first time seeing both bands and I would probably go again.  I was happy to only pay $30 for a ticket and they fall right into that price range.  Phish can get up to $80 from me, but these bands are $35 tops.  They are fun and have some talent, but not totally my type.  If anything, I was a huge fan of the keyboard player, and hope he continues to jam.

Rating 6.5

Soulive Setlist:

1. Come Together
2. Something In The Way
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. I Want You
5. El Ron
6. What You See Is What You Get w/ John Scofield
7. Hottentot – w/ John Scofield
8. Born Under a Bad Sign w/ John Scofield, Warren Haynes
9.Do The 2
10.  Too Much
11. JB Medley w/ John Scofield

Lettuce Set List:

2.Blast Off
3.Sam Huff
4.Last Suppitt
5.King of the Bergs
6.Move Somethin w/ Talib Kweli
7.The Blast w/ Talib Kweli
8.Get By w/ Talib Kweli
9.Break Out
11.The Flu w/ John Scofield
12.Move On Up w/ John Scofield
13.Makin My Way Back Home


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