Stella Blues Band October 22 2011 Neutral Ground Bridgeport CT

Stella Blues Band

It was a cool Saturday night and I was jonesing’ to go out.  I cant sit still Saturday nights.  Fridays are OK, but it is necessary to dance on a Saturday night.  I checked JamBase out and could not find any good shows within 50 miles.  There was only one that I was willing to give a shot…Stella Blues Band, playing at Neutral Ground in Bridgeport.  I had not heard of either, so I was a little skeptical..But, from their name, Im guessing they would play some Dead Music..

Spontaneity and taking chances is the way to go!  I walked in and heard some sweet tunes.  People were dancing and I could feel the good vibes.  I always like when a Band has a little following, and these guys did.  It wasnt just random people in the bar, staring blankly at some musicians.  These were some folk in the know.

The band jammed, and didnt play commercial.  They all went off on their own beat, and brought it back together (very much like the Grateful Dead invented/mastered).  They rocked hard and played some fan favorites like St. Stephen, Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mountain and Samson and Delilah.  I kept yelling out West LA FadeAway and a friend would counter with Althea..but those were not fulfilled.  I will have to see them again to get my West LA Fix.

I would give the venue a rating of 7.  It hasa  narrow backdrop with the bar and pooltable in the back..but the stage is perfect and there is a great little dancefloor (holds about 20 people easily.)  The bartenders were nice and it had a cool 20-30 something base of people.  I would definitely come here again.

Rating: 7.5


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