Stella Blues Band October 28 2011 The Lumberyard Pub West Redding CT

Stella Blues Band

It was a cold dreary day and I was pretty tired.  I started to get texts from people around 4 o’clock to see ShakeDown for their annual costume party at Toads (not a fan of dressup, wasnt when I was 4 and am not now at 31.)  I wanna talk to people, not costumes.  I wanna see people, not plastic.  I wanna dance, not get banged up.  Other friends had tried to convince me to see “The Breakfast” farewell show at Daniel St in Milford too..but it looked like some kind of dressup party I skipped that.

I had committed to Stella Blues Band 45 minutes away at some little pub, and was sticking to it.  The ride was rough..the merritt all constructioned up..a long cold ride.  I started asking myself why I didnt check out one of those local bands..

I got there and heard the sweet sounds of Franklin’s Tower emitting from the bar.  It sounded so good!  I had to run in the door..immediately to the dance floor.  It was good to see the band on fire.  The fire was back in my belly and last Saturday night’s memories came back..

Unfortunately, the venue was too damn small.  Way too narrow, no dance had barely any room.  Bar service sucked.  It was all locals and clicques.  Bar in the middle of nowhere.  The music has power to bring people together, and tonight it had just enough, but the venue sucked. Never again Lumberyard.

There were some sweet second set tunes…The Greatest Story Ever Told..West LA Fadeaway! (loved it, esp. with Kat singing, never heard a woman do it, but I enjoyed that.) A sweet Terrapin.  Overall a damn good night of music.  I look forward to many more Stella Blued Band performances.

Rating: 7.5


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