Steve Kimock and Friends November 5th 2011 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg NY

Steve Kimock and Friends…

Lineup: Steve Kimock, Bobby Vega, Bernie Worrell, Wally Ingram
Peter Apfelbaum on Sax (+ keys and percussion)
XVSK opened the show (Trevor Exter and Morgan Kimock)

Set I:
Nana’s Chalkpipe
Rigor Mortis
Ice Cream
Baby Baby
Tongue N Groove

Set II:
Merle’s Boogie
Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff cover)
Hillbillies (w/ “Manic Depression” “Norwegian Wood” and “For the Love of Money” teases)

Use Me Up (Bill Withers cover; w/ Trevor Exter and Morgan Kimock)

Steve Kimock…Johnny Kimock..Bobbbby Vega..Wally Ingram..Bernie Worrell…

This looked like a good lineup and I was pretty psyched for the show.  I was also pumped for a little trip to Hip Williamsburg ..and had heard some good things about the Brooklyn Bowl.  It was a well planned Saturday night and all we needed was some good jams to complete it..

The venue was definitely hip.  It offeres 16 lanes of bowling, nice restaurant atmosphere with sick leather couches..nice bar..and the concert venue is tucked separately in perfectly.  The acoustics sounded good in the pre show with Kimock’s son..but it was just a preview..kinda slow and fun..but seriously, we were ready for the next level of jamming.

I didnt really hear the next level tonight.  The bass wasnt working on the first couple songs and that did not help.  On the third tune (Ice Cream) Bobby ripped out a sick beat.  He was jonesin’ to get his say and he really had the crowd movin.  We started to dance and feel the beat.  The drums were kickin too and I felt pretty damn good finally getting my groove on.

The rest of the first set was rather mellow.  I dont usually catch myself getting a drink or havin a smoke during a set, but I just wasnt totally feeling it.  My friend Ben called the music “psychodelic” and I guess you could put it that way.  I had trouble getting in the groove though…The bass and the mellows dont completely appropriate dancing..the crowd was a tad slow..and the guys, except for Bobby, really just acted as if they had one too many bong rips.

The second set moved a little more but I still couldnt get the groove.  I enjoyed the sweet sounds and definitely find the band to be pretty talented.  Bernie still has a nice slide on the keyboard and knows what hes doing. Even thought he looked like one burnt out drug addict, he\ looked pretty joyful pounding away at the keyboard.  Wally was solid on the drums and Id be up for seeing him again, but nothing extraordinary.  Bobby was awesome on bass and Im glad I got to see him..he looks healthy and will hopefully be around a longtime.

Use me Up was a fun upbeat encore.  The crowd was mocing and I was just so glad to hear vocals after such a long night of mellow tunes.  Im glad they decided to end with this and it did cap the night off with a bang.  The bang we had all been waiting for.  Thank Goodness.

“The guitar monk meets the best of the funk” one person’s description of the band.  I dont know if Id give them that supreme of an accolade, but its not too too far.  I was hoping for the jams to be a little longer, and the beats to be a little deeper, so I could really get the dance moves going.  I do have to respect their talent, and its probably a great fit for a mellow jamhead.  Overall, I was happy with a  fun show in a hip venue for a $15 ticket, but I wouldnt pay more than that.

Rating: 6.5


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