String Cheese Incident December 3rd, 2011 United Palace Theater New York, NY

String Cheese Incident

Set One: This Must be the Place (Naive Melody)>Rhum ‘N Zouc, Miss Brown’s Teahouse>Chameleon>Miss Brown’s Teahouse, Wheel Hoss, Sometimes a River, Colorado Bluebird Sky>Rollover>Colorado Bluebird Sky

Set Two: Let’s Go Outside, Restless Wind>On The Road, Betray the Dark>Drums, Joyful Sound>National Anthem>Bumpin’ Reel>Can’t Stop Now

Encore: Way Back Home

It was good to know I knew exactly where I was going tonight.  I had a little better idea of the kind of music I would be exploring and the fanbase.  That bluegrassy, Country, Jam Rock twist with some reggae, funk, rap and Mediterranean would be present.  What did I just say?  Yes, its a crazy lil Country band that does it all.

Security was ridiculous with their flashlights, even more so tonight.  The place seemed to have a little more order.  Talking to security, they said they were used to these kinds of crowds.  Give me a break guys, this is pretty easy crowd control.  Too bad a venue with such potential had some jerkoffs running it.

They started off kind of mellow so I wasnt exactly sure what to expect tonight.  After a couple songs they whipped out Miss Brown’s TeaHouse and that had the crowd going.  Definitely a fan favorite, we knew we were lucky to hear this one tonight.  It allowed us to follow along to the sweet sounds of familiarity.  The jam was not too deep on this one, but they played it right on key.  Sometimes a River had a good feel to it..and the crowd was really jumpin’ jivin to Rollllllover!  Such a fun song, really gets you going.  Overall, I was very happy with the first set-they took it up a notch from last night.

The second set startedf with a hoppin’ lil song..”Lets Go Outside.”  A bit of a tease in this cold December weather, but brightens the eyes of those going to warmer climates.  There were definitely some good tunes this set, most I was unfamiliar with, but I discovered one I will not forget.  SCI really took it to another abyss with “Bumpin’ Reel.”  I mean this song went really deep and just kept going once Danny whipped the violin out.  Everyone was raving about this tune.  It kept going and going and felt so good.  It led into Can’t Stop Now..another Country tune.  Only String Cheese can take you from a Hookah Lounge to a Country dance just a couple minutes.  Weird Dynamics.

It should be mentioned, this music, and the light show, are really trippy.  Im not sure what it would be like to trip to this music, but it sure seems ideal.  Im guessin there were some happy hippies’ last night.  Nice finish with Way Back Home..good job tonight boys..

Rating: 8.0


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