The Heavy Pets Nov 18 2011 Daniel Street Milford, CT

Jeff Lloyd-Guitar/Vocals
Mike Garulli-Guitar/Vocals
Jim Wuest-Keys/Vocals
Justin Carney-Bass/Vocals
Jamie Newitt-Drums/Vocals

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Record Label: 102 Degrees

From their facebook page..

The Heavy Pets (THP) are a homegrown American band whose contagious vibe blends rhythm and blues, jazz-funk and reggae fusion with rock and roll. Called “a living, breathing, force of nature” by Relix, THP are known for powerhouse live performances and catchy tunes. The group became an instant Sirius radio sensation in 2007 with the release of their double-disc debut album, Whale, driven by hit tracks “Operation of Flight” and “Sleep.” First embraced by the jam scene for their raw talent, their cross-over sound that is showcased on their self-titled album and was voted a “Top 10 Album of 2010” by The Huffington Post, propelled them into the periphery of mainstream music.

Well, The Heavy Pets were back in town.  They were here a couple months ago and put on a decent show.  Some hard jams and classic jams..but one of my favorite parts to a show is a really good fan base.  A lot of moe. and Phish fans..and people just really know their music.  There were only about 25 people last show, and maybe 35 this time(prolly because it was a Saturday night.)  It amazes me how few people show up for their shows.  There must have been ten at Cafe Nine in New Haven a little less than a year ago.  Why? Because they have their own festival in the Philly area called Petting Zoo…They opened for Phish at Bonaroo in 2009..they have also played the Vibes and other festivals…and do a ton of touring.  They also have at least three cd’s out..and have been going strong close to five years.  Personally, I think they are ready to pop and have been..they just need a lil work on vocals..bass..and going deeper on their jams, to get to that mark.

Last night was a good show.  I wasnt crazy about it, but I was satisfied.  They had their good crowd of groupies/fans ready to jam.  There were definitely some young and old locals alike.  I was glad they came to Daniel St, as sadly, the venue is closing in a couple weeks.  As usual, they went on late, real late (Hot Chaos, a band on their way, opened for them again.)  They went on close to 11:30..its always been their style.

The boys’ started with a lil reggae tonight.  I thought it was a good start to warm the crowd up, and get the body movin’ a lil bit.  It wasnt an all out jam…basically, it just got our blood warmed up from that cold weather.  Man was it a cold night and I imagine these FL boys were feeling it more than any of us.

To be honest, I was not too familiar with the songs they played.  It seemed like a stream of them..and they kept going on.  They sounded a lot the same.  There was some reggae, and some melodic tunes.  I think Jamie is pretty solid on the drums..and Im happy with Jeff and Mike on vocals..they havent changed much and sound pretty good..but could go a little deeper.  Jim is awesome on the keyboards, especially when he whips out some of his 80’s sounding jams.  Im being kind of critical as I have heard some musical greats the last couple months, so dont get me wrong, they are still really good and have a unique sound…

They finally went to the next level on their last two jams.  This is what originally turned me on to them years ago.  First 3am, then Chew.  A couple of my favorite songs.  The lyrics are fun, theres just the right amount of signing and jamming..and yes, the jams go on and they go deep.  They strum hardcore..and know how to keep it going.  It felt good to dance, dance hard, scream out a lil..connect with others, smile..feel the bass a bit deeper..and know the band finally hit their element.  It was a tad late, but I think they can still bring their best stuff out this Summer.

Rating: 7.0


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