The Meters Experience November 12th 2011 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg NY

The Meters Experience (featuring Leo Nocentelli)

Bassist Bill “The Buddha” Dickens, drummer Adrian Harpham, and guest keyboardist Mark Rechler (Circus Mind).

I wasnt sure what to expect for this show.  I knew the venue was pretty good.  I like Brooklyn Bowl, but dont love it.  The bowling alley makes things fun, the bar is in a good spot, theres room to mingle, and the dance floor is a good size.  It doesnt get too packed.  Unfortunately, not everyone is there for the music, they go for the scene, which creates the watchers, not the experiencers.  Besides that, I really enjoy it, plus, the tics are cheap.

I thought Leo was a little sedate and just kind of sat there.  I like when a musician moves a little.  It definitely had that jam funk too it which I enjoyed..but it doesnt make you want to move…enough.  I would have liked some deeper jams to help me make get into the dance groove…

On the second song, Bill really whipped out some sick bass moves.  He played it masterfully, and my friend commented that it was seven strings-which is extremely rare.  He is definitely one of the highlights of this band, and his talent was pretty mesmerizing..I hadnt seen anything like it before. As for the other two, the drummer was less than par.. he had trouble keeping up-he did just enough.  I thought Mark was decent on the keyboarder, but no master.  Gets the job done, smiles and sings a bit.
The first set had some good classic tunes.  Look-Ka Py Py had me daancin and felt good.  I couldnt totally jam out, but the body still moves pretty in psynch with the funk.  Hey Pocky Way was the highlight in the second set and made you want to join in the singing.  I got moving in the second set, even though I was beat after three nights of intense jamming.

Everyone seemed to be talking about the bassist.  I guess Bill is off the charts with talent, because my fellow musician buddies couldnt stop raving about his talent.  I was glad to witness that.  Besides him, I thought the band tried a little too hard and Leo kept asking us to buy his CD’s (because he would autograph them…grrreat.)  It was a good night of dancing and fun, but not off the charts (maybe Im just getting spoiled at this point, and looking to go to the next level.)

Rating: 7.0

Opening Band: DangerMuffin

On a side note, I was so happy to get to finally see these guys.  I knew they opened for Twiddle at Sullivan Hall a month earlier, and these South Carolina boys are definitely able and willing to jam.  The highlight of their little show was a “Scarlet Begonias” and they also played their classic “Moonscapes.”  They are up and comers and I suggest looking out for them.


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