The New Mastersounds November 18 2011 Highline Ballroom New York NY

The New Mastersounds

The New Mastersounds were playing the Highline Ballroom and I had to be there.  Well actually, I didnt think too much of it.  I knew there were a couple prebands. I thought the Soul Rebels Brass Band would be playing with them, and was not too psyched about that.  I think bands are met to play alone, and add an act.  I was happily surprised to see theywould be playing alone, and maybe invite them on for a song or two.  We would get the real experience.

I missed the first band and did not mind.  I get a little antsy waiting for the main act, and now there was only one before the real show began.  The Soul Rebels Brass Band made it fun by entering through the back door, coincidentally where I was standing.  They were playing their bigass trumpets and sax’s, so I couldnt get a high five, but did like being right next to them.

These guys put on a good show.  They played for a solid hour, and had some good groove n funk.  I had seen a lot of funk last weekend with The Meters, and really wanted some jams.  But they were fun and knew how to get us warmed up.  “Sweet Dreams” was a nice finish, and they gave me some NewOwleans memories..can you say Hurricane Blackout?  Or as one lady said, you can smoke in the bars and drink on the street=chaos.

And now for the main act…

My Oh My Folks…This is the hottest band in the world today. No joke. I cant say Ive been to a better show all year.  Yes, Phish at Bethel was sick..the venue absolutely made it.  But these guys are so effin good at jammin.  I havent sweated more.  I havent met many cooler fans.  I spoke with lots of people here, they know their music.  They werent there for music or a band, they were here because they knew how to jam.

I did not stop dancing for three hours.  It was just a matter of what pace I danced at.  The jams were so hard, I couldnt even really bother pacing myself.  I had my new dance, where I have some square kicks, run in place, hop in a circle, and whip out the hand moves.  (It was just about perfected here.) This dance was originally created off of the famous crazy legs (80 yr old man from “The Dead” Tour, who was quicker on his toes than me, or my friend John.  Cant explain it..maybe drugs slowed us down, or maybe he was superhuman.)  I whipped it back out at the Lotus Toads’ show, and its back in full effect now.

The point is, The New Mastersounds brought it out of me.  I couldnt ask for a better beat.  These guys just know what they are doing.  They are Phish on Steroids..put Trey and Mike to shame at times…I was telling myself for a minute they were better than Phish, but I couldnt actually succumb to the idea.  Phish is still #1 in my book.  They also have The Heavy Pets in them.

Its funny because they do talk between every couple songs, and hearing their English accent just makes things more fun.  These guys started in 1999 and I cant believe I just discovered them (thanks to the JAM ON channel.)  They toured the USA and Japan in 2006..and its when they made their first real impression.  They are also known to play many festivals.  My friend Mark and Amy joined because they heard them at moe. down, and said they were one of the sickest performers.  no doubt.

The band is composed of four guys:

Eddie Roberts: Guitar and Trombone
Pete Shand: Bass Guitar
Simon Allen: Drums
Joe Tatton: Keyboard.

I think they are all very talented, but the Bassist, Pete Shand, is out of this world.  I think he completes the Jams and could teach Jacko Marx a thing or two.  He takes it to the next level.  Lead Singer Eddie roberts has tons of energy and leads the group like a pro.  Simon is hilarious on drums, and has ever evolving talent.  He is the groups main DJ..mister Tatton is coming around, and will make this band a 10.0 once he perfects his skills.

They call this a soul funk band, but I dont buy it.  They dont funk too hard, which I am happy about.  That stops the dance moves, slows things down to much..these guy have a consistent, experimental, random, flowing sound that brings it all together.  I love their unpredictabilty..their constant fun..their intense jams, then a slowdown, into a final Furthuresque finish.

I was lucky enough to follow my friends Mark and Amy to the front row.  There was room to dance up here, which is unheard of.  It gave me a final glimpse of these guys, and a final time to rock the hell out.  It was a full night..truly great band.  I cant wait to see them again.  The Lucky Sons of Bitches on JamCruise will have a Bloody good time with this group.  And it will be the start to a 2012 that brings them out to the Masses…can you say MSG SELLOUT?

Rating: 9.0

Venue was a tad small.  Got a lil packed at times..cant smoke in there..some of the crowd had snobby nyc bitches.  The venue goes into the rating and the opening bands even have an effect.  If it werent for these factos, they probably would have hit  9.5.  But as in golf, probably doesnt cut it. 


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