Twiddle November 23rd 2011 Stage One (FTC) Fairfield CT


(Zdenek Gubb-Bass Guitar,Vocals, Ryan Dempsey-Keyboard, Brook Jordan-Drums, Mihali Savoudilis-Lead Guitar, vocals)
I: Hattibagen McRat, Wescotton Candy, Zazu’s Flight, Latin Tang, Best Feeling in the World, Second Wind, The Box ->Star Wars tease ->The BoxII: Wasabi Eruption, Hein Hod’s Hoddle ->Country Roads, Tiberius, Jamflowman ->Layla Tease, Divided Sky tease-> Apples, Grandpa Fox, Gatsby the Great ->Big Country tease ->Divided Sky Jam -> Gatsby the Great, Doinkinbonk!

E: When it Rains it Poors

I was looking forward to seeing these guys.  I had heard good things from my friend Doug about their Sullivan Hall performance a couple months ago.  They couldnt have picked a better night to perform locally…The night before Thanksgiving is always a bit of a wild one.  I had forgot this was college reunion night..but was quickly reminded when the droves of college students tattered in.  I also was happy to see a familiar hippy following and knew we had a good night ahead of us…
The opening guy Glenn was pretty slow and he was basically just a time killer. I spoke with Ryan outside as a smoked a black n mild..I didnt know he was in the band, so when I joked about their tour bus, old beatup minivan, I felt bad.  But he said they were looking to buy an RV, so that was def something for them to look forward to.
They have a very quick beat to them.  All four of the guys are talented.  The most noticeable part is lead singer Mihali..his voice is very unique.  It has more of a Southern twinge to it than Vermontian.  He flows nicely and surprises you with his beat.  It is very unique..I compare it to John Bell of Widespread Panic.  ITs got that Southern drone, tad class, tad rockstar, but you always want more of it.
The beats definitely move quickly.  Thats not too makes you want to dance.  It makes you want to groove.  It keeps you going.  I liked that alot and enjoyed my time in the front row.  Unfortunately the venue is just a little tight…it doesnt give you all the room you need.  The kids were into dancing, but the space wasnt there..According to security, it holds 262 and the show was “sold out.”  Not bad.
The college kids were a lil unruly.  Yow know how it is..excessive drinking and not knowing how to control it.  Inside groups of kids reuniting..kind of get in the way of the music.  Overall, a fun atmosphere though..and these kids knew the words to the songs..very impressive.  I liked that they had a following, and these werent just drunk kids at a show..these were showkids who were drunk…It worked.
The highlight of the show for me was “Best Feeling.”  They said they discussed it in the parking lot and were improving it for the first time.  They really killed it.  It psyched me up for String Cheese, who kills this song, next week.
Hattibagen had that nice flow of Southern song that I really enjoyed.  It flowed into a much quicker Wescotton Candy..the set was really quick and gave me a ton of sweat..but the finishing song was superdank..out of this world intense fun quick jamming ..”The Box.”  Great finish to the first set.
I cant give this band total justice as I left near the end, not staying on for the Encore.  I really enjoyed it, but alot of the stuff started to sound the same.  These guys sound almost identical to Cosmic Dustbunnies and have a ton of Lotus in them.  But, Mihali’s voice takes them up a level and really makes the band.  Its unique and brings on that Panic feel.  I will definitely see them again..but theyre no Phish.
Rating: 7.5

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