Kung Fu December 23rd 2011 Toads Place New Haven CT

Kung Fu

It was a cold December night and just a couple of days before Christmas.  This was really the last chance any band had of getting a good show in, because as devoted as us phans are, its not really respectful to go out and party New Years Eve.  There does have to be some time left aside for family.  There were a few options..Cosmic Dustbunnies playing “Comic Viral”, a combination of a few bands, at Stella Blues..the McLovins’ at The Main Pub in Manchester and Kung Fu playing at Toads Place in New Haven.

My friend Doug had highly recommended Kung Fu, and I respect his tastes.  I also had really developed a gratitude for Toads over the years, as this really is a special place, only a mile from my house, a place rich with history, good size, good sound and decent pricing.  So, as much as I like the McLovin’s, I chose to go with Kung Fu.

I really liked how these guys played.  They definitely have a funk thing going on with their music.  Tim Palmieri really rips the guitar up and his highly talented.

Unfortunately, I cant give a great review of this band as I dont have a setlist.  I enjoyed the first hour and a half, then they tended to sound the same.  The funk thing is good for an hour, but it can get draining on you.  Some of their songs had some really sweet jams that went to them and I really could feel myself whippin some hot dance moves out.  They had many parallels to the New Mastersounds, one of my favorite bands, who are known to play very quickly.  They are also a pro at tickling the bass, which I think these guys do well too.

Overall, it was a good show.  These guys really kill some songs and I need to stick with them to let them grow on me.  I hope they stick together and continue to grow to the next level.


Rating: 7.5


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