Disco Biscuits December 26th, 2011 Best Buy Theater New York, NY

Disco Biscuits

Set One: (9:15-10:30 pm)

Resurrection>Plan B, Acetobee>DJ Switch>You & I>Mr. Don, Spraypaint.

Set Two: (11:15pm-1:00am)

Rocafella, Shelby Rose>Crickets>Great Abyss>Crickets>Shelby Rose, I Remember When.

E: Wet

Christmas had come and gone and I was ready for another show.  It felt good to get rejuvenated by being stuffed with food and lounging around.  It was exactly what I needed.  Such a long year, and finally some time to just lounge around.  Nothing to be done but return a couple Xmas gifts, clean some stuff up, sleep in, and get ready for a wild week of raging music (Disco>Phish>Phish>Particle>moe.>moe.)
This would be my first Disco show, and my hopes werent too high, so I figured I was going in with the right mindset..

The theatre is very clean which is nice after dogging thru moshpits.  It was a nice welcome.   They had a small outdoor smoking sectio but at least they had something blocked off for it.  The drinks were pretty well priced for NYC and it wasnt too packed.   Plus, there was a cute girl working the merchandise table, which is always a bonus..although, it did cost me $20 a lil later..

I always like a GA theater.  No fighting about seats..Everything seems to work out..those who want to be close can be, and those that need to kick back are free to do so too.  The theater is setup to hold prolly close to 800 on the ground floor, another 400 on the second floor, and another 900 in seats.  Its a good setup.  I enjoyed seeing Phil Lesh and Friends here when it was the Nokia and this was pretty much the same setup.

The girls were cute here, but that didnt make up for it being such a wild scene.  I hate to put it this way, but it seems to me its about the drugs first with the Biscuits, and the music second.  I prefer it the other way around.  There was a ton of movement on the floor and people couldnt really stay put.  I dont contribute that to it being a GA Theater..I contribute it to young people, and basically too big on the drugs.  It was very annoying and didnt help the dance scene.

This was my first Biscuits show so I am no pro to review it.   Resurrection had a really good beat and was great to dance to.  The whole first set went by pretty quickly and it almost felt like one long jam.  I never heard them get down too hard but I definitely felt some funk n flo.  These guys can jam pretty hard, but I think it is an acquired taste.

The second set was a lot more of the same.  I think they went a little deeper in this set, but I never totally felt it.  Im still learning about these Biscuits and need a more experience fellow to give me a review on this..

Rating: 7.0


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