moe. December 30th, 2011 State Theater, Portland, ME


{9:21 PM > 10:46 PM EST}

I: Zed Naught Z > head. > Billy Goat, Crab Eyes >(nh) Down Boy > George

{11:22 PM > 12:53 AM EST}

II: The Road > Ricky Marten > Time Ed > The Road, Rainshine, Water, Four > Plane Crash

Enc: Okayalright

The journey continues…after a long night in NYC..the rockin’ afterparty at the Gramercy Theater with Particle, and a good night’s sleep..Portland Maine was the next stop.  You really cant beat the week after Christmas, and the New Years shows around the country.  Furthur in San Francisco, Disco Biscuits in Chicago, Panic in Georgia, String Cheese Incident, Umphreys McGee, and of course, Phish continuing their run at the Garden.  All the heavy hitter..jammer’s could get their fill all across the country.  I chose tickets, nice drive, plus free lodging (my parents have a condo in Kennebunkport, 45mins South of Portland.  I mean, could you really beat this?

It was a solid four hour ride from New Haven to Kennebunkport which gave us twenty minutes to unlock the jointdrop our shit off, and get movin to funkyass Portland.  Another 45 minutes and we found ourselves in the city that would light our next two nights up with joy.  After seeing Phish in the Garden a couple nights, and a damn good time, I was ready for Maine.  A much cleaner fresher place.  A fanbase that knew their music and was a little more mature than the drunk college prep at the Phish show, there for the shrooms.  I was happy to be in a more comfortable environment, with some educated phans.

Took a little while to get in the theater, but man, what a beautiful place.  From a porn theater in 1990 to a kickin music mecca since 2010..(moe. played here around the opening.)  Looks like a solid 2100, but dont quote me on that.  Great floor, along with a couple other levels.  There were a decent amount of seats for the old people too, but really ended up being occupied by the folks who ended up trippin a bit too hard.

moe. started out with one of their new tunes which I was not too familiar with.  Zed Naught Zed..a pretty good jam..but we really started to move when they whipped into Head..played really hard and with a ton of emotion..people started to move, and I found myself in a very comfortable aisle.  Fan favorite crab eyes came out and it felt so good to sing along with that addictive little tune that just seems to get stuck in your head.  Down Boy>George>Zed Naught Z.  Wow, what a finish to the first set.  So comfortable in this comfy with the prices, free water, good ol’ guy at the Merch table every show (still dont know his name).  I was so glad I chose moe..and off the the Happy Hour Heroes table.

Fun meeting with some energy and heart.  We were all so pumped to be at such a great show, State and in such a great state of mind.  We were the lucky ones and were able to express it.  Livin the good life.  Livin the good life.  Great meeting, plus I met a sweet girl who is into rockin and hoola hoopin, whats better? 🙂

Movin on to the second set, We start with “The Road” and our juices get pumpin.  We go into Ricky and the energy level comes back, finally into an awesome “Time Ed.”  Now Im lovin it and so psyched to hear this tune.  Time Ed just gets so deep in your head, you feel like youve gone into a little time machine amd into your own little universe.  The timing is perfect, halfway through the second set.  Back to the Road we go to finish the long jam off and now Im feeling completed elated.

We start with Rainshine, a tune I was not familiar with..then Water.  Yes, that Water.  Such a good song it makes you want to dance.  It grasps your head, shakes it a little and then shakes your whole body.  I got to dance with Sonya a little this set and what a great gal she is.  She found us a great dancing spot and view, upstairs.  We had a fun conversation..most specifically that SHE was at the 4/6/11 performance of “Turn On YOur Lovelight”, featuring Furthur, Al Schnier and Clarence Clemons in Boca.  THE jam of the year folks.

Four>Plane Crash to finish the set off.  Damn was that good.  Damn do I feel good.  Good, Good, Good.  Sweet lil Okay, Alright Encore and we call it a night.  This was one refreshing experience.  One incredible good time.  Old friends, great venue, great location, sick band..couldnt ask for anything more…or, well, a three set new years show. 🙂

Rating: 8.5


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