Particle December 29th 2011 Gramercy Theater New York NY


Well, hell, somehow, after three shows in the last four nights, I still had some kind of energy for an aftershow.  Mind you, an aftershow from the best Phish show of my life.  We had prepared well by parking close to the theater and having a nice getaway car home.   We arrived to the theater about 20 minutes before showtime,  Met the craigslist scalper, (I dont consider him a bad person considering I only paid $15 per tic), and went in the door.  Cool theater, really cool theater.  If you get a chance, check this place out.  It has a sweet dance floor and probably another 150 seats.  Good capacity of 500 for smaller bands.  Get close and enjoy the show.

Particle has some deep similarities to STS9, Lotus and other electronic trance techno dubstep type bands.  They have to fit somewhere in the middle of all this.  I was not sure what I was in for, but the crowd was definitely hippyish, which was a good sign, esp. in nyc.  Lights went down around 12:30, show starts.  The lead guitarist and bassist are great.  They really bring the jams deep and continue on the path of jam, to not give into a quick close.

I stayed for the first set and it was a perfect close to a perfect night.  Phish played one of their top shows of 2011, without a doubt.  These guys were a nice discovery and well worth the $15 I paid.  I look forward to seeing them again soon.


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