moe. nye State Theater Portland, ME


{9:02 PM > 9:48 PM EST}
I: Not Coming Down > Wormwood > Deep This Time, Backwoods, Suck A Lemon, 32 Things
{10:18 PM > 11:21 PM EST}
II: Money*# > McBain, Hi & Lo > Big World, Skrunk > Zed Naught Z##
{11:55 PM > 12:46 AM EST}
III: Recreational Chemistry > Auld Lang Syne > Recreational Chemistry > Johnny Lineup%, Haze@ > Buster > Tubing The River Styx > The Pit > Timmy Tucker
Enc: Godzilla**

{* w/ Marley Amico on sax
# LTP > 8/30/03
## completes 12/30/11 version
% LTP > 7/04/10
@ Al on ’74 Gibson double-neck guitar
** w/ Cass Libbers on drums and Vin on percussion with Jim}

New Years eve..the final night of this crazy week after Christmas.  Six shows in six nights.  I was beat but ready for one more.  This is a night to be experienced in the Jam Band world.  I couldnt ask to be anywhere else (but secretly, Id prefer to see Phish in the Garden), but this was a pretty sweet second place.  moe. sounded really good last night, it was a great bunch of fans..and the venue was delightful.  I was very satisfied with my choice, and a nice break from the wild Garden and many phake phish fans.

They started at 9:05 and I was glad I got into the venue on time.  Starting off with a “Not Coming Down” was a sweet welcome.  The venue had lots of free space, I was shocked.  Possibly fans were still shuffling in.  Moving on to the classic “Wormwood” the comfort of a jam came about us, and the dancing eased into all of us.  We felt that sweet serenity of being engulfed in a show with good people.  Smiles all around..Deep this Time, Backwoods (been a long time since I heard that one!), Suck a Lemon (supposed to be encore previous night, but was cut short), and the awesome finisher of 32 things.  A really sweet first set, quick but good.  Looks like were gonna have three!

Second set starts off so solidly with “Money.”  It had been a long time since we heard moe. play a cover, and this was a welcome respite. And, what do we have..? Marley Amico, Vinny’s Daughter, venturing out on the stage to play the sax for us.  A sweet treat for everybody, especially Vinny 🙂  Smooth transition into McBain and a sweet lil Hi & Lo into Big Skrunk and were havin’ a good ol’ time rockin the State Theatre in Portland..finally, a finisher of Zed Naught Z to finish off the 12/30/11 version What?? Yes, awesome.

Third set.  Hell of a show so far.  Feelin pretty good and approachin New Years.  Saw some balloons.  This would not have the hoopla of Phish in the Garden, but I was ok with it.  Holiday craze wears me out, and whoopdeedoo for new years.  A good solid show and little celebration was just what I was looking for.  We start with RecChem, such an awesome of their best in my opinion.  Midnight is approaching and lets see..boom, its here.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Balloon’s fall, little kids come out, and some fat dude in a  diaper comes out running around..lil celebration back into RecChem..Woooooeeeee..30 minute RecChem mind you..lovin it onto Johnny Lineup, Haze (schnier is on fire here) into Buster!! dont know Tubing River song..the pit? and finally finish this badass set off with a 20something minute Timmy Tucker!  Great Tucker, great.  Boom.

Encore it up with a solid Godzilla and our night is complete.  A great night, a great weekend, a special week..livin the dream folks, livin the dream..

Rating: 9.0


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