The Disco Biscuits December 26th Best Buy Theater New York, NY

The Disco Biscuits

Just a few days before pure madness would ensue upon Times Square for a New Year’s Eve celebration, some craziness was beginning right here at the Best Buy Theatre, nestled in the corner of Broadway and 44th Street.

I noticed in the first night of this 3-show run that the band was not yet back in full swing after their shortest year of tour dates since 2005. Bassist Marc Brownstein and keyboardist Aron Magner were clearly working well together though. These two spent the year on the road with their side project Conspirator; and the energy they produced all year long could be seen throughout the show. The doubts I held were in how quickly guitarist Jon “Barber” Gutwillig could redefine himself within the band’s playing after a long year off. The first night would by my accounts was re-acquaintance with his band-mates for the guitarist.

There were some high points of the show on the 26th though, most notably the double decker sandwich from “Shelby Rose” into “Crickets” into “The Great Abyss” then back into “Crickets” and ultimately a segue back into a 2nd set closing conclusion of “Shelby Rose.” Also, in the first set were two longtime staples “Aceetobee” and an overall well played “Mr. Don.” The show concluded with a single encore, a crowd pleasing “I Remember When.” I look forward to the late night show on the 28th after Phish. The band should be ready to throw down some late night groove after a few nights of doing what they do best.


Night 1: Best Buy Theatre; New York, NY

I: Resurrection>

Plan B>


You & I

Mr. Don

II: Spraypaint

Shelby Rose>


The Great Abyss>


Shelby Rose

E: I Remember When


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