The Disco Biscuits December 28th 2011 Best Buy Theater New York, NY

The Disco Biscuits

When the Disco Biscuits announced that their 12/28 performance at the Best Buy Theatre was going to be an after party for Phish I knew it would be something special. The Biscuits were concluding their 3-night New York City run before a trip to Chicago to ring in the New Year at the Auditorium Theatre. Phish was just getting their New York run started at Madison Square Garden this evening though and it was bound to be an epic night as the two jam band’s worlds would collide with one another while also seamlessly flowing into each other’s at the same time. The Disco Biscuits played a renowned late night show at the Wetlands after Phish in 1998, and after thirteen years of solid touring and a fan base that reflects that dedication, this one was bound to be just a tad bit bigger.

The band went on shortly after midnight leaving plenty of time for the phans to make it a few blocks uptown from the Garden. After leaving me a little disappointed the other night, I could tell as they opened into “The Very Moon” they had worked out the noticeable kinks from the 26th and were syncing together as a band again after a year with little touring.

They played a full 2 set show that stretched until 4 a.m. with highlights including “Mulberry’s Dream,” an unfinished version of “Confrontation”(which would be concluded during their New Year’s Eve show), and “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” The best treat for me was a set closing jam of “Above the Waves” into “House Dog Party Favor.” The band returned for a lone encore, a phenomenal version of a classic favorite, “42.” As I crawled into bed at 6 that morning I could do nothing but smile. I had just witnessed 4 sets of great music from 2 bands that currently dominate the jam band scene, what more could I ask for?


Night 3 (Post-Phish): Best Buy Theatre; New York, NY

I: The Very Moon>


Mulberry’s Dream>



My Lady Survives

II: M.E.M.P.H.I.S.>

And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night>


Above The Waves>

House Dog Party Favor

E:  42


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