Cosmic Dustbunnies and Viral Sound January 6, 2012 Toads Place, New Have, CT

Cosmic Dustbunnies & Viral Sound

My first show of 2012 was this past Friday night at Toad’s Place. I was looking forward to checking out both of these bands that have been performing a lot of gigs in the New Haven area recently. While I was at Toad’s a few weeks ago for Kung Fu, some heads were buzzing about the show going on a few blocks away at Stella Blues Bar. There was a Jam Session going on featuring members of both of these bands as well as members from another local band Dirty Sanchez. Knowing the talent of jam bands like The Breakfast, Deep Banana Blackout, and Kung Fu that has come out of Connecticut I was anticipating seeing perhaps the next generation of local greats.

We arrived at the show and the Viral Sound had just taken the stage. Boy could these guys play! I was taken back at the tightly knit structure these guys formed their jams around. I strongly believe this band or some incarnation of its members are on the rise and will hit the big time soon. They sandwiched their set around an original tune of theirs, “Storm.” Throughout the 7-song set they played I was most impressed with the skills of bassist Ariel Moore. The Providence based quartet was also comprised of Jordan Giangreco on keyboard, Charley Zahringer on guitar, and Dan Rourke on drums. I found that they had an original sound driven heavily by the lead of Moore and blended the sounds of their many influences. Look for these guys on the scene over the next few months, I would not be surprised to see them headlining a show of their own at Toad’s by the end of the year.

Here’s a look their set from Friday night:




Team Space>

Old Man>


Storm Reprise (Jam in “C” /Reggae)

Following the set by the Viral Sound was the evening’s headliners the Cosmic Dust Bunnies. Hailing from New Haven, the opportunity for the band to headline Toad’s was a big deal and they were treating it as such. Another this I noted as the band took the stage was they knew many fans in attendance and has gained themselves quite a following. They also drew a good size crowd to a sizably larger venue then they are accustomed to playing.

While they were playing I could not help but realize that they sounded so much like the Disco Biscuits it was uncanny. The dimensions of the band were very much the same, from the drummer’s emphasis on his high hat to the noodling that defined the guitarist’s flow. Even the laser-lightshow was just like the Biscuits’. The band played original songs such as “Jay in My Life” and “Skyward,” while also incorporating covers like the Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime” and Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue.” But they even through in a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell,” a song the Biscuits have been covering for over a decade.

The band has talent and undoubted potential, having grown in popularity since their incarnation in 2006. In my opinion though, they must expand their playing and develop a sound of their own. Otherwise the band will live out their career in the shadow of The Disco Biscuits.

Setlist: Toad’s Place; New Haven, CT

I: Jay in My Life

88 Down/ 88 MPH

NGC 1316>


Jungle pt. 1


II: Flood the Streets

Life During Wartime (Talking Heads)



Cruise Control

Jungle pt. 2

E: Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant)

Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)


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