moe. nye 2011 State Theater Portland, ME


After a mind blowing show to kick off their 2-night run to ring in the New Year, moe. had to have something big in store for us tonight. While we had not received confirmation, we were hopeful this would be a traditional 3-set New Year’s Eve show, unlike last year’s performance at the House Of Blues in Boston, which instead featured an opening set from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. They went on at 9 and went into a classic jam from “Not Coming Down” into “Wormwood.” Towards the end of the set emerged the twangy, country-esque “Backwoods,” a song just recently busted out during their fall tour after years of being shelved from rotation. The set closed with a rocking “32 Things,” which also has a bluegrass like feel to it. With one down and two to go, I was hoping they would keep pushing the limit as the night went on.

The second set opened with a nice cover of Pink Floyd’s “Money” featuring drummer Vinnie Amico’s daughter Marley on saxophone. This was also the first time they had covered the song since 2003, making it even more special. Other highlights of the set were “McBain” and “Big World,” both fitting, because “McBain” contains riffs from “George” and “Ricky Marten” teases riffs from “Big World” which were played the night before. The set concluded with the ending of the “Zed Nought Z” the band opened with the night before.

The band re-emerged onstage a few minutes before midnight, with the clock ticking atop Rob’s bass amplifier at just over 4 minutes until a new year. They started into “Recreational Chemistry” quickly and as the clock ran out on 2011, the band’s families all came onstage to wish their husbands and fathers a New Year. With a riff through “Auld Lang Syne,” the band went right back into Rec-Chem which stretched over the 25-minutes, going to outer space and back. What a way to start out 2012! The rest of the set consisted of long jams through heavy hitters like “Buster,” “The Pit” and an absolutely insane “Timmy Tucker.” Also worth mentioning was the first take on “Johnny Lineup” in over one hundred shows.

The band returned for a monster take on Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla,” a regularly covered song for the band. A great way to cap off a show of epic proportions, and we stepped out into the cold first hours of January 2012 happy moe.rons. Here’s to the great year of shows I got to see in 2011, and many more this coming year!

Night 2 (New Years Eve): State Theatre; Portland, Maine

I:   Not Coming Down>


Deep This Time


Suck A Lemon

32 Things

II:  Money (with Marley Amico on saxophone; 1st time played since 8/30/03)>


Hi & Lo>

Big World


Zed Nought Z (Completes version from 12/30/11)

III: Recreational Chemistry>

Auld Lang Syne>

Recreational Chemistry>

Johnny Lineup (1st time played since 7/4/10)



Tubing The River Styx>

The Pit>

Timmy Tucker

E:   Godzilla


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