The Zen Tricksters January 22nd, 2012 Brooklyn Bowl Williamsburg, NY

The Zen Tricksters

Set 1:
Greatest Story
Row Jimmy
Down The Road
^Orange Sunshine
Call Of the Wild> Jam>
Scarlet Begonias> Jam>
Stella Blue>
Samson & Delilah

Set 2:
Mission In The Rain
All Night Long Blues
Pride Of Cucamonga
Shine Your Light
Lay Your Love> Jam>
Not Fade Away

Good Shepherd

^ w/Jaik Miller

Another night at the Bowl.  It would be hard to outdo Saturday Night’s Freak’s Ball, with some of the who’s who in the Jam Band Scene..but, we were looking forward to a solid Grateful Dead Cover Band nonetheless.  Its not easy to see the Tricksters much these days, with Jeff and Rob playing a couple hundred shows a year with DSO, it just doesnt leave much time to see this band.  I was glad to see this unique group, and get down..

We got there around 9pm to see the end of the Giants came.  The 4th quarter was just beginning and the bowl was heating up.  It went on and on, and with a couple minutes left I was worried we might hit OT, and it would be forever before the band went on.  That happened, OT came, and the Giants masterfully put together a drive and field goal to win the NFC championship, and solidify a spot in the SuperBowl, and huge rematch, with the Patriots.   Everybody was going crazy and the Tricksters took the stage

They started with a sweet “Greatest Story” and fed off the energy of the ragin bowl.  They literally started playing four minutes after the game ended, and jelled in perfectly with the chaos.  Half the place was departing, which I was ok the Deadheads knew it was time to dance.  We slowed down a little with Row Jimmy and this was unfortunately a glimpse of how the night would go.  Down the Road was ok..and movin on we finally hit a sweet “Deal.”  They let this one ride..and played it long and hard.  Finally started to feel that Dead beat I was craving..

Scarlet Begonias was good, very good.  It didnt crush it, but it had a nice mellowness to it and really kept us all smiling.  The beats hit right on, so we could move to it and shake our bones right on the ding’s.  Stella Blue put me to sleep, but once Samson and Delilah came on I was able to really shake it out.  Sweet Samson, sweet finish..solid set.

After a quick pic with Baracco (Good Dude), we moved on to the second set.  This one was slow, slow, slow..way too slow.  Come on guys..lots of old people here tonight, but a little disappointing.  It was late on a Sunday night and I was starting to fall asleep.  Im sad to admit I left on “Pride of Cucumonga”, losing faith in the band.  It was a good time to whisk out, as the second set brought out nothing extraordinary.  Overall it was a decent night, but wish they had brought a little more energy with them..

Rating: 7.0


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