Max Creek 2/3/12 Toads Place New Haven CT


By Lilly Barbour

I arrive at toads place on a friday night with five of my friends and walk into toadsplace and the room had a wild vibe about it. It was already really packed for this newage hipster jam band called the Mclovins, which was a suiting name for the band. They had a really upbeat and brightening sound which I felt meshed well with the sound of the main act.
They have a very balanced rock sound with a little funky bass to it. A very nice Progressive rock/ jam band. It was ironic to see such a nice band play at a small venue. They have done very well with their music career by posting their music on youtube which is what sparked their popularity soon to be on the cover of Rollingstone Magazine. I feel that them playing at such a well known small venue in CT really helped with thier band promotion. Their largest show performed was at the green tent at Gathering of the Vibes in Bridgeport in 2009 and then the performing at the opening bands for Phish in 2009. I had seen them on Phish tour before that year and at Vibes. Its nice to see how they have musically grown forward in an innovative way to sound to the rock community of people and crazy heads that attend these shows.
Waiting around for the stage to be reset for Max Creek I became anticipant to hear Max Creek because they had been such an influence to bands like Phish. They were really influenced by the sound of the phychadelic rock that had just been touching the toungues of the younger community to bring a newer taste to rock music.Bands responsible for this new sound of
phsycoldelic rock were bands like Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix. Max Creeks birth was in 1972 so their sound is very appropriate for thier time. The songs they played had such a nice vibe to fill the air that it was a happy mellow serene
feeling. This music draws such a diverse but amazing crowd of people, The New England Rock Music Festivals really have a close knit community of artists. I have met some amazing people at these events that have changed my life in one way or another and I have also met people at events such as this that I would have never expected to be an everyday kind of friend that I saw on a day to day basis. I met one of my very good friends at a Shakedown Concert which is a Grateful Dead cover that plays frequently at Toads Place and alot of local bar venues as well. I say that there is a very close knit community of people and a homey vibe because going to frequent shows you see a lot of very familiar faces gathering to appreciate the same thing and letting other artists let thier expressions be heard.We are all artists in one way or another wether it be the art of words or music or visual art even. Alot of people who attend the events have cases of blown glass or jewlery. By the end of the night. I was so pleased with the show and the amazing time I had with my friends while I was there. It was a night full of smiling and laughing and was an eye opening night for me. Meeting people at events like this have inspired me to be ambitious about something i love so much.My love for music and art. its a wonderful combination like peanutbutter and jelly.
Love and Light
Max Creek Set List:
One Set
1. Windows
2. Silver Jack
3. Ophelia
4. You Write The Book
5. Peaceful Warrior >
6. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
7. Emerald Eyes
8. Gypsy Blue >
9. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
10. Down On The Farm >
11. Drums > Bass + Drums > Jam
12. I Know You Rider
13. Talk/Tuning
14. Get Back
15. Back Porch Boogie Blues

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