Tea Leaf Green 2/10/12 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY

Tea Leaf Green

Set One: Soldiers. Dont Curse. One Reason>Warm Up>Cottonwood. Monsters>Doin It Over. Out in the Woods.  Sleep Paralysis. My Star.

Set Two: Germ, Jubilee, Hangin, Fallen Angel, Innocence, Jezebel, Can’t Get High, Taught to be Proud, Two Chairs

E: All Wasted

I had been listening to Tea Leaf for a couple years on the Jam On channel, and had always wanted to see them in person.  They had some really eccentric music and I thoroughly enjoyed their tunes.  Some of their new stuff really turned me on..tunes like “Easy to be Your Lover” are such awesome groovy beats…I remember just being in my car thinking how good this could be in concert.  I was pretty psyched to have two cheap tickets lined up for a Fri+Sat night in the city.

The Bowery Ballroom has got to be my favorite small venue in the city.  Absolutely incredible.  If your band attracts 500 or less, this is the place to play.  You take some stairs underground to check in..beautiful bar, chairs, couches, and lighting surround you.  Its romantic, fun, cozy..perfect place to chill before a show starts.  (Headcount had a nice setup on a couch with table for instance.)  It also acts as a place to take a break from the music if you so desire…Upstairs is the main venue..solid floor with bar, and two sets of staircases that lead to an upper level equipped with bar and a couple VIP lounges.  What else could you ask for??!

HaHa Tonka started the night off as the opener.  I wasnt too impressed-they just arent my cup of tea.  They sound like any other band.  I was lucky enough to take a break, and pop into Reed the bassist outside!  Very cool, congenial guy.  Very down to earth.  He opened up about some side projects he is recording these days with Al Schnier, Benevento, Russo, and others..wild!  Got my pic with Reed, he rushed down to the venue to change, and next thing you know Tea Leaf is on stage!

They had a nice mellow start, and for the most part Tea Leaf is a pretty mellow and and countryish band.  I felt like the first couple songs were jsut a warmup..and we really got to movin with “One Reason.”  Everyone was warmed up and ready to dance at this point, I had found my spot on the dance floor and I really began to enjoy myself.  Cottonwood was a real treat and smiles were abound as Reed directed the band with some pretty heady bass play.

Reed knows how to bring the jam deeper with this group, and he has certainly been a nice addition.  Simon is all smiles, very talented on the keyboard and jumps around every so often to heat things up.  He has a great voice too and helps make this band waht it is.  Trevor leads the group on lead guitar, and the drummers keep things solid with that consistent drum beat.

The second set fired up with Germ, and got us moving from the start.  Jezebel and Cant Get High were well played..Simon took the band up a notch here, with an ear to ear grin, some dancin and some really talented keyboard playing.  I noticed that the keyboard has a pretty unique sound with this band, and is very unique.  It is an absolute element that is so key to the band’s performance.  Trevor leads the group, but Simon takes the reigns, and Reeds deep bass playing oil this motor up.  What a great band.

The fan favorite had to be one of their most popular tunes “Taught to be Proud.”  Everyone was screaming the lyrics out and it really had us in the mood to jam, sing, dance and enjoy the moment.  Once the Encore of “All Wasted” had come on, it was a little sad.  there were smiles all around but the night had to end…I found a band with a ton of talent and a unique sound..I think their jams could still get a little deeper and they are still moving forward..in a couple years, they have potential to be big time!

Rating: 8.0


One comment on “Tea Leaf Green 2/10/12 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY

  1. Nice review – but “simon” is actually trevor garrod, and “trevor” is actually josh clark.. “All Wasted” is one of their new tunes called “All Washed Up” – and it closed the second set, with Carter Hotel and Let Us Go as the encore.

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