The Lawn Boys 2/4/12 Sullivan Hall New York, NY

The Lawn  Boys

Set One: Run Like an Antelope>Chalkdust Torture>Bathtub Gin>Possum. Punch You in the Eye. Runaway Jim. Sample in a Jar. My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own. Train Song. Divided Sky.

Set Two: Sand>Tweezer>Roses are Free. Destiny Unbound. Funky Bitch>Tube>2001. Cavern>First Tube>Tweezer Reprise.

Encore: Crosseyed amd Painless>Golgi Apparatus.

A Saturday night in the hear a Phish cover band.  I was pretty pumped.  Sullivan Hall is in a crazy part of town, and a Saturday night didnt help.  The sidewalks were bustling with drunkards, but smiles were all abound.  The traffic was bumper to bumper and I was so grateful when I finally saw a parking garage.  I circled in and got my ticket..just for kicks I asked how much it would be for 5 hours..”$50!” Whoaaaaa..take the ticket back, Im outta here..ridiculous..

We drove around for a half hour and finally found the tightest spot in nyc possibly ever, that my 2007 Camry could fit in.  It took some motioning, and it was about 15 3/4ft from the fire hydrant (15ft rule), but the deal was cleared…finally time to checkout some muzak.

The opener, Pulse Capacitor, was surprisingly good.  They really had good flow, I enjoyed the lead singer’s voice, and they threw in some hard rock, but it wasnt too hard.  There were many fans here for this band, and I could kind of understand why.  Not bad.

On to the main act..four guys with a little free time to jam out some Phish tunes.  Im not sure what their deal is, and if they have to keep their day jobs..but they are quite talented.  I believe they are on of the premiere Phish cover bands in addition to Strange Design and Phix.  (I had never heard of Phix before, and people thought I was crazy.)

Run Like an Antelope was an interesting starter.  It immediately brought me back to that beautiful night in the Garden, 12/29/11, or more appropriately entitled YEMSG. The closer to the first set.  I think this was a good starter as it brought everyone in, gave people time to groove, the smokers to get back in, before any kind of deep jam.  (This tune takes about 6 minutes to warm up.)  After this warmup Chalkdust was just what we needed to get our heartbeat pumpin and our juices flowin.  We all started to ease up and remember this was a Saturday night of fun, and to interpret A Phish cover band is all good in fun, but dont forget to jam!

Hearing Bathtub and Possum do accurately played, in addition to being a couple of my favorite tunes, is what really did it for me.  It didnt just bring back Phish memories, it created something new for attachment to The Lawn Boys themselves.  These guys knew how to play and shall we say..let the music play the band. 🙂

The rest of the first set was par..but Sample in a Jar was a highlight that helped fill smiles throughout the joint.  We all had that part to scream out “Up on Limo’s Bed”, and then smile, smile, smile.  Great start..we were pumped..the second set was for the faithful as some people did clear out around the 1am finish..

Solid start to the second set with “Sand.”  The lyrics are so sweet to this tune, the only thing better is how the beat moves in and out, in and out..kind of like the water coming ashore..back and forth, back and relaxing.  Tweezer brought the energy level up only to give us the fun “Roses are Free.”  Destiny Unbound was the perfect opportunity to smoke a black n mild only to come back into a sweeeeet Funky Bitch..I enjoyed Tube and it was so damn late that I had to depart on 2001..I know, such a sweet groove to depart on, but the jam man was done.

Rating: 8.0 Awesomness Guys 🙂


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