moe. March 1 2012 Higher Ground South Burlington, VT


Set 1: Time Ed>Not Coming Down>Where does the Time GO, Rainsong>So Long>Wicked Awesome, Shoot 1st>Timmy Tucker

Set 2: Threw it All Away>Crab Eyes>Happy Hour Heroes>Puebla>Bring You Down, Opium>Hector’s Pillow>32 Things

E: She Sends Me, Nebraska

They had finally made it back to the East coast and we were pumped.  If the CD Release party in January was any indication of how hot moe. is these days, we knew the shows would be on point.  Lately moe. is really, really tight..and they have renewed energy.  They have been touring hard for a long time now,  but surprisingly with no signs of slowing down (yes they just released a cd, but still.)

Yeah, Burlington. far could it be?  VT is close to relatively everything.   A fun little ride up and we’d be in hippyville.  Snow comes in and theres the first warning.  Not good.  We have a packed car and know with a lil help from our friends, we can do this.  The ride starts off OK, but of course when we hit MA, the snow goes to the next level..actually, practically every hour it got worse.  Bad windshield, slipping and sliding, and only an hour into the trip..kinda rough.  Next thing I know we are three hours into this trip and theres no letup on the damn snow.  Intense driving conditions..

Five hours later, we make it.  Looks like a little venue, but the hippies are definitely outside waiting to rage.  I hear bad things about the venue-basically that you cant smoke inside (like I care?), but overall I find it to be pretty good.  Security was not going full force from what I was told.  Get inside..small venue, 600 cap?  maybe a tad larger than Toads..We get in, seven minutes later moe. rips the first cord of Time Ed..Boom!  What great timing and a coolass song to kick things off.

We’re dancin..were smilin..oh yeah, kickin’ Thursday night at Mike Gordon’s venue..and then we go to the next level of not coming down.  Nice..memories of the start of that famous New years starts slow and starts to rev up..feels so good..the anticipation, the slight feel of sweat..they blood warmin up..they sound good.  Set 1 has a nice flow to it and continues thing I know we’re on Timmy Tucker, another new year’s song..and we are all at full energy.  Ragin hard we get a solid Timmy..must have gone moer than 20 minutes, Rob really pullin this one out with some good guitar twings..Al and Chuck bringin out some nice tweaks, Jimmy spicin it up, and Vinny is right on..I mean, hes right on..has been all year.

Second set has a nice starter, similar to first set starter, mellow, for the VT hippies of course (jk), but I do occasionally enjoy a warmup starter into a medium and finally a hard jam.  Classic crab eyes certainly on point into another classic Happy Hour Heroes.  Fourth song, which was the guesser for the night (moe. hosts a contest each night this tour, picks one slot, and you have to guess what the song is, prize is a box of random stuff from moe.).

Puebla!  Couple people picked it from what I see on fbook and will be going home with prizes (Rob’s old toothbrush, Al’s deodorant?)  This is by far one of my favorite new is perfect for a long jam..but has such a cool mellowness to it with some sort of spanish twist that these guys just love.  Whoaaaaa mon just makes you want to sing cant help it.

Boom!  De na na na na na na..there it is..Opium!  Now its definitely a good show.  It has got to be a long time since this was ever played (wheres our stats man).  I really cant recall if Ive ever heard it in person..but it feels so good.  And, of course, not to generalize, but it is a great fit for VT.  Definitely a treat, sweet long jam..with so much joy filling the room.  We end the set with an awezzzome 32 Things and get the body out of da dance!

Encore was good.  She sends me is alright in my opinion, but I was really pumped to hear Nebraska.  This is truly such a beautiful sounding makes you think about the Universe a little, and you just gotta laugh.  Of course you wanna sing along too..and its really a nice way to end the night..with a smile.

Bonus: Free Poster!  Cool print of a moe. ship ready to take off with clever song remnants.  360 made.  I hear its a Higher Ground thing..good peeps.

Rating: 8.0



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