Jam Care Medical

Jamcare’s mission is to provide the best medical care available, specializing in crisis intervention, drug education, community support and wellness to attendees at music festivals, other mass gatherings and to the community at large. Our team provides positive, direct face-to-face contact, decreasing the number of unnecessary medical transports and unwarranted legal involvement, allowing for a more positive experience for everyone involved. It is so appropriate that we provide this service as our staff has both first responder skills and exhaustive experience with the elements of the festival setting resulting in a superlative discernment concerning every type of health and safety emergency therein. Furthermore, the administrators of Jamcare have been to hundreds of the same events as you have been and our service along with its hand-picked staff are thus designed to most effectively and compassionately provide assistance to our community. Our staff is composed of trained professionals assembled from diverse backgrounds. Highly qualified doctors, nurses and techs that have seen it all! Our primary purpose is for musicians and fans in need of care to remain safe and ultimately to return to their friends without unwarranted medical or legal transport. Our on-site cool down zones is where attendees with health risks are treated and cared for until their faculties return. Our experience dictates that no two events are identical, thus our services are custom designed specific to the individual needs of each gathering. It is our privilege to give back to the community; which we have loved and cherished for so many years.
avi goldberg

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